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What Is Magnetic Sponsoring?

[ 13 ] June 25, 2008

Magnetic Sponsoring

What Is Magnetic Sponsoring?

How Will It Help Me? And, Why Should I Believe You?

Here’s an overview of what Magnetic Sponsoring is, and who I am and what my actual personal experience has been with the Magnetic Sponsoring book and the Magnetic Sponsoring affiliate program and how it can help you.

Magnetic Sponsoring is a Lot of Things:

– a book (a physical book, not an eBook, (although it is available in eBook form) by Mike Dillard.
– a Lead Generation System.
– a Funded Proposal Marketing System.
– a mindset guide for network marketers.
– a business model, where the focus is on You, Inc.
– a game plan for building a network marketing business that makes money, not excuses.

I could go on and on, but I think you’re getting the picture…

I GUARANTEE you this: You’ll learn stuff in this Magnetic Sponsoring book that can make you MORE MONEY right away.

My name is Mike Stokes and I’ve been using the Magnetic Sponsoring system since June 2005.

CLICK HERE for my story

Using the Magnetic Sponsoring System:

Here’s how to use the Mike Dillard Magnetic Sponsoring course –

First of all, you need to understand that the last thing another network marketer wants to hear about is another network marketing business opportunity. Why? Because most of them are already in a program and even though the vast majority of them are not making any money, they will not admit it, even to themselves, and will defend their decision to be in whatever program they’re in until the cows come home.

So, when you’re marketing to other network marketers, it doesn’t do a bit of good to advertise your opportunity, whether it’s a better one or not. Another networker will not even respond to your ad promoting your opportunity, so you’ll never even get a chance to convince him or her that your program is better.

Second, the biggest challenge you and everyone else in network marketing will have is who to show your business to after you’ve exhausted your list of friends and family. You need a lead generation system and a marketing funnel for prospects to go into when you run advertisements and promotions.

Third, the biggest expense you and everyone else in network marketing will have is advertising and lead generation. I don’t care what your sponsor or the speakers at the opportunity meetings and conference calls say, it takes money to market your business. It takes money to market ANY business. It takes money to market Coca-Cola, so don’t be fooled into thinking it doesn’t take money to market your MLM business.

First, you can advertise and market an information product, instead of your business opportunity. Why would you want to do this, you might ask? Well, you need to advertise something, and if it’s a fact that other network marketers are not interested in another program, you need another approach to reach them.

People that are already in network marketing, are that have been in it, are great prospects because you don’t have to sell them on the industry. They’ve already been sold on the MLM industry; you just have to sell them on joining YOU.

But before you can sell them on joining with you, you need to get them to respond to your ad or marketing campaign. So, if these people that you’re trying to reach will not respond to an ad telling them how great your comp plan is, or how your jungle juice will raise the dead and cure every ailment known to man, what will they respond to?

Here’s some insider information that will give you an edge in your marketing to MLMers…

The vast majority of MLMers do not know how to build a business, and neither do their sponsors. So you have the blind leading the blind. They believe in their company and their product line, they just don’t know how to market their business or their product and they’re stuck.

So, what are they looking for? They’re looking for SOLUTIONS –solutions on how to find prospects and how to get them to join their business. So, if YOU want them to respond to YOUR marketing, you need to be “selling” SOLUTIONS to their problems, not a new business with a new set of problems. And, your solutions need to be valid and doable.

You can try to figure out some solutions on your own, or you can offer a ready-made solution in the form of the Magnetic Sponsoring course. The Mike Dillard Magnetic Sponsoring training course has helped thousands of networkers get their businesses off of the ditch and on the road to success.

The Magnetic Sponsoring book also shows you how to handle the challenge of who you’re gonna market to – you’re gonna market a generic training system to network marketers who WILL respond to your marketing because you’re not trying to sell them on a new business…You’re offering them a solution to their challenges in their own business.

Next, Magnetic Sponsoring teaches you about funded proposals.

What is a funded proposal?

The short answer is, a funded proposal is a system that pays for itself. In other words, you can run ads marketing the Magnetic solution to your prospects challenges, and when they “buy the solution” you earn a commission that helps pay for your advertising.

The guy who can advertise for “free” can stay in business forever, but the guy that is going in the hole paying for advertising will eventually go out of business.

There are a lot of people out there marketing Magnetic Sponsoring. Most of them don’t know any more about marketing at this point than most other folks, because they’re brand new and just don’t have any experience yet.

Most if not all of them DO NOT even have their CONTACT INFORMATION available for you to call them.

Here, you can call me right now if you’d like:

Mike Stokes at (TWO-TWO-FIVE) 366-0731

You can turn your business around and finally start having success and making money with the information you’ll discover when you get your Magnetic Sponsoring book, and I can and will HELP YOU.

Is anybody else offering to help you and show you the ropes?

CLICK HERE to ORDER Magnetic Sponsoring

new magnetic sponsoring

New Magnetic Sponsoring

Impartial Nature’s Liquids Review

[ 0 ] September 26, 2012

Nature’s Liquids Review

Mike Stokes Nature's Liquids ReviewIn today’s health conscious world, more and more consumers are concerned about the lack of nutritious value in our food. As a result, nutritional supplements are seen as being almost a necessity and if these supplements are natural, it’s even better. Of course, numerous companies have surfaced to take advantage of this huge demand. Nature’s Liquids is a company which produces nutritional supplements. The question is –are they one of the good guys or not?

My Questions About Nature’s Liquids

There were a few things I had questions about when I first took a look at Nature’s Liquids and its products.

1. Product information – First of all, I know that most supplements are not subjected to the rigorous testing, and rules and regulations that some other products are. So I’m very cautious about taking anything, even if it’s supposed to be natural, until I can get enough information to convince myself that it’s safe and that it works.

2. Where it’s produced – Second, even though products made in the United States may not be fully tested, they do have to be manufactured with certain standards when it comes to cleanliness and ingredient control. Other countries don’t necessarily have these same standards, so I’m especially cautious when it comes to products made elsewhere.

3. Safety concerns and customer reaction – Finally, if I’m promoting a product that a person is going to be taking and that may affect their health, I want to be as certain as I can that it is a quality product. I also want to know what past customers have said about the company and its products.

Answers to My Questions About Nature’s Liquids

1. To find our about the product, I went to the Nature’s Liquids website. Some companies provide very sketchy information about their product line with lots of general information but few specifics. This wasn’t the case with this company.

Not only was there a detailed list of ingredients, they also provided information about where the ingredients came from. A major ingredient in their SeaAloe supplement, which is Aloe Vera, is actually grown locally so it can be harvested when it is at its peak.

2. Two things that I like about this company are the fact that it is located in the US and that it has been in operation since 2006. Nature’s Liquids has its manufacturing facility in Carlsbad California where they produce only two nutritional supplements.

Both the length of time they have been in business and the fact that they have a limited product base makes me confident that the company is definitely legitimate.

3. The site also supplied details about the manufacturing process. According to the website, their nutritional supplements are produced using stringent quality controls to ensure consistency in each and every bottle. This is probably the single most important factor in my mind.

In order to see what kind of reaction customers have to the products and the company, I checked out reviews about the company. I fully expected to find both positive and negative reviews because that’s quite normal for any business. I was surprised to discover that there weren’t really any negative Nature’s Liquids reviews. This company has to be doing a lot of things right for that to occur, considering how long they have been in business.

natures liquids review

The other encouraging thing I found out was that the formula used to create the SeaAloe supplement has actually been available for around 20 years. I think that if a product has been on the market for that length of time there must be quite a few happy customers who have made a lot of repeat orders.

Overall, I’m very satisfied with the answers to my questions so I’m going to conclude that Nature’s Liquids is one of the good guys when it comes to producing nutritional supplements.

What About the Nature’s Liquids Business Opportunity

As a consumer, I’d be happy to use this supplement, but I also want to see if this might be a good product to get involved in promoting. As with most affiliate offers, the customer is going to visit the company website through my link, so it’s important that what they see is going to look professional and provide information which is both clear and persuasive.

The home page seems to cover these bases nicely and there is even a blurb about running a home based business. I like this a lot as it allows me to sell product while adding new members to my downline at the same time.

And it’s easy for the person who might be interested in finding out more about running a business, to get this information. The website provides a nice summary about all the different ways there are to earn as a distributor for Nature’s Liquids, including commission on sales of the products, residual income and bonuses.

If there is a negative to Nature’s Liquids it would have to be that they are not a well-known brand. There are certainly other larger manufacturers of nutritional supplements who are more recognized among consumers. But then again, that means that there is lots of opportunity for a distributor to spread the word among the many consumers who are looking for high quality nutritional supplements.

SeaAloe Inc.

There is definitely a lot to like about the opportunities available with Nature’s Liquids as a distributor. But what capped it for me is the fact that they offer a 90 day empty bottle guarantee. If they have enough confidence in their product that they want their customers to try a full bottle before deciding whether they are happy or not, that tells me that they are pretty confident in the quality of their products. And judging from the numerous positive testimonials that customers have left on their website, they’re right.

In concluding this Nature’s Liquids review, I am completely satisfied that the Nature’s Liquids products are excellent as is the business opportunity.