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3 Search Engine Marketing Tips

[ 0 ] January 19, 2012 |

Advertising online is much like placing ads in magazines or other print sources. You have to find the right magazines to tap into the widest audience that has an interest in what you are selling. When it comes to doing this online, it is all about keywords. Consider three search engine marketing tips for developing a successful internet based marketing campaign.

1. Pick the right keywords.

If you are selling creatine to bodybuilders, you cannot just pull a couple keywords off the top of your head and launch a campaign. There are many weird search terms that people type in when searching for a creatine supplement, and you have to know exactly what those terms are for your search engine marketing campaign to be as successful as possible.

Yes, some common keywords will be as simple as “creatine supplement,” but there will be a lot of other popular keywords as well, such as “why use creatine” or the “best creatine powder.”

2. Include information keywords.

While you absolutely want to select keywords that relate directly to purchasing the products you sell (such as “buy creatine”) you should also include some keywords that will bring in people looking for information on your products.

For example, someone may be searching for an explanation of why they should use creatine. If you have that information available on your site, then you could attract them in and if they decide to make a purchase you are already in front of them.

3. You must eventually pay for your traffic.

Very few sites take off and make huge profits without paying for some of their targeted traffic through a program like Google AdWords. Make this small investment as soon as possible to benefit.

These search engine marketing tips should help you get your online marketing campaign off to a fast start and as focused as possible.

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