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7 Effective Ways to Tell Your Business’s Story and Capture Your Customers’ Attention

[ 1 ] May 25, 2011 |

7 Effective Ways to Tell Your Business’s Story

People love stories and no one knows that better than Mike Dillard of Magnetic Sponsoring. His rags to riches story attracted thousands of followers and his online business system continues to be a great success, and with an effective story, you could become the next internet sensation. Here’s how:

1. Keep It Personal – Personal stories tell readers that you’ve learned a lesson. Keeping your story personal shows people that you experience similar problems and can triumph through them. A personal story can also inspire your customers to push through their own problems to success.

2. Talk About Success – People love success stories because they are as much inspiring as they are motivating. Why not share your own story and tell your readers how you achieved your own goals to success.

3. Talk About Failure – Sometimes the road to success can be long and we can often get there by the lessons learned through failure. You could share those lessons, so that others don’t make those same mistakes.

4. Share How You Did It – If you’re an entrepreneur and you have a process that worked for you and your business, share it in your own words. Just be prepared for your customers to want to follow that process.

5. Create a Picture Story – If you really want to capture your customers’ attention, put your story into words. Use photos or videos and add a few sentences to share your story.

6. Create a Fictional Piece – If your business is being a writer, you could write a fictional story as I have done many times with my own business. Just make sure your readers know that it’s not a true story.

7. Share Your Customer’s Story – Ask your customers to share in their own experiences with their favorite products. If you’re a fan of Magnetic Sponsoring, you could even go as far as asking them to submit a Magnetic Sponsoring Review.

The above are just a few suggestions that you can use to tell your business’s own story and capture your customers’ attention. Just remember, no matter what your story may be, always tell the truth or let your customers know if you’re sharing a fictional piece. Otherwise, you’ll find it hard to gain your customers’ trust and you’ll be putting your business’s reputation on the line. Create a story like Mike Dillard of Magnetic Sponsoring did, and you’ll create the road to success.

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  1. Indy says:

    In my opinion stories are the heart and soul of America. And I wholeheartedly agree. People do love stories. We’ve been telling stories for ages. They were there for our ancestors to entertain and share our history. So it’s easy to see why a business should share their story. We want to know how that business became the success they are today. I will admit I look forward to viewing the news when websites like google and yahoo share success stories of individuals who have started a business. They are the first stories I tend to click on. I love them! They are an inspiration and I wish every company in the world would share their story. We want to know how you got started. We want to know your struggles. We want to know the steps you took that made you to success you are today. It encourages us, makes us want to strive for the same goals, gives us hope that if you can do it so can we! I have not viewed every article on this web site. But if you haven’t already done so, I would love to see a post about your own success with magnetic sponsoring, no matter how much of a struggle or how long it took you to get their as an individual.

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