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Mike StokesMike Stokes is a “full-time” Internet Marketer living in Baton Rouge, LA and Panama City Beach, FL.

“Full-time” is sort of mis-leading, in that Mike doesn’t WORK full-time, he just EARNS full-time and has done so since February 1999.

Mike was one of the first Magnetic Sponsoring affiliates, and the #1 producing affiliate for a long time. Mike was actually one of the very early adapters of the funded proposal method of marketing, and provided Mike Dillard with background materials for his original bestselling book, Magnetic Sponsoring.

Mike is not just an “affiliate re-seller” of the Magnetic Sponsoring products, but someone that has actually used these marketing methods since 1998, and is more than happy to teach others how to apply these same principles and methods so that they can gain their financial freedom and independence.

Mike has “been there, done that,” and doesn’t just “have the t-shirt,” he knows how to make the t-shirt!

Got questions? Call me –

(225) 366-0731 (CST)

Mike Stokes and Tami DuBose create the ultimate mastermind working relationship. Both have been entrepreneurs, creating their own paychecks for most of their income earning years. They’ve both experienced the financial and emotional highs and lows of being self employed.

Fortunately, whatever God instills in an entrepreneur that keeps them excited about an unknown tomorrow, He instilled in both of them.

It’s also a God thing that both of them bring very different talents to the partnership.

> Tami loves being the center of attention. Mike would prefer a nice table in the back of the room.

> Tami is not very detail oriented. Mike soaks up every detail and more.

> Tami has the gift of teaching. Mike has the gift of research.

>Tami prefers her books on tape. Mike wants to read every word.

Together they have created a dynamic partnership dedicated to helping the entrepreneur create an internet presence using simple, practical and applicable concepts.