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The Basics of a Funded Proposal

[ 0 ] May 18, 2009 |

Order Magnetic SponsoringHow would you like someone to pay you to become your prospect? Imposturous, right? The fact is, people WILL PAY YOU to become your prospect. You just have to learn how to set up a funded proposal.

A funded proposal system is the closest thing to a business “miracle” you’re likely to run across in the early stages of your business.

Think about this, if you gave a special price or a free promotional item to a potential customer as a thank you for giving you their email address and name, you’re building your business. In return your customer gets a free gift and may even thank you by purchasing your product or service.

However, if you want more from your business, you also need to offer a top quality product or service at an irresistibly low price. Why? Because those people who purchase your product or service are now your prospects, who will help your business grow. These are the people who aren’t just looking for a free gift. They actually want to put their trust into your business, so you need to put your trust into them.

That’s what the funded proposal is all about. You offer a great product or service at a great price and you:

• Have prospects that will help your business grow.
• Make money from your prospects through a sale.
• That prospect may enjoy your product so much that they’ll be back for more, which means more money for your business.

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