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Black Belt Recruiting Review

[ 0 ] August 12, 2009 |

As an MLMer, don’t you wish you could wave a magic wand and instantly know how to woo and win eager recruits?  You know you have a great product and an awesome pay out plan for distributors and you know that people would jump on your train if they only knew!  You wonder if there’s a top dog MLMer microchip you can just slip in your brain that makes you a super recruiter.  There isn’t, but I found the next best thing and it’s called Black Belt Recruiting.

I’m still shaking my head – when I looked over the Black Belt Recruiting program, one thing after another popped out at me.  The right way to approach people isn’t what your upline told you.  They lied! The right way leaves you with the home court advantage because you’re letting warm prospects look at the opportunity without the pressure of joining.

What’s great about Black Belt Recruiting is that it takes advantage of permission marketing methods.  You know by now that people don’t like to be sold to, but they love to buy. 

That goes for any prospects for your business.  Give your prospects a breadcrumb trail of information that leads them to practically beg you to join your group.  And even pay you to learn more about it.  I know, it sounds too good to be true – but it works.

In Black Belt Recruiting, I learned how to “defang” obnoxious marketers – you know the ones who react instantly when you tell them you’re a distributor for XYZ Enterprises.  What to say that will make your phone contacts beg you to sign you up now.  Imagine getting the “wrong number” and still signing people up!

I’ve looked at a lot of businesses, but this one really got me thinking, “Stop wasting your time talking to and contacting the wrong people for your opportunity, Mike!”  It sounds simple – and it is if you know the right words.

Here’s what I found in my Black Belt Recruiting review: solid high powered recruiting techniques that anyone can employ even if you’re a shy mouse!  It really comes down to this: do you want to build your MLM business fast? 

Do you want to stop wasting your time hitting your head against the wall prospecting the wrong people?  Do you need a leg up from one of the best marketers in the business?  Then it’s time to start contacting new recruits the smart way using the Black Belt Recruiting system.

And to top that all off it comes with a 12 month money back guarantee – that is unheard of where I come from.  Visit the Black Belt Recruiting site right now and take a look at how it’s all laid out so well – practically handed to you.  The only drawback is that you have to wait for it to arrive in the mail, but that’s a small price to pay to have such over the top recruiting advice.

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