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Building on a Budget

[ 1 ] October 28, 2008 |

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Building on a Budget

If you’re familiar with Magnetic Sponsoring, the wildly popular and excellent program for prospecting in the cutthroat MLM world, you’re familiar with the name Mike Dillard. Mike is the “father” of Magnetic Sponsoring, and has wisely developed a couple of other excellent MLM resources that you shouldn’t miss.

The first is Building on a Budget. This gem of a book shows marketers ways to build their home business on the cheap, sometimes absolutely free. The book is well written and gives valuable information on how to take advantage of social marketing methods to build their business.

These include:

– Craigslist
– Video Sharing
– Press Releases
– Blogs
– Squidoo

The book also covers the funded proposal concept, which is a part of the Magnetic Sponsoring program and is essential to every successful marketer’s business plan.

Click on the image below to watch the FREE Building on a Budget Video

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  1. Annie says:

    Mike, reading your website gets me really excited about going forward with my business but I still have some questions/concerns that I need answered. I have watched and listened to your videos that you did with Perry Belcher and he does seem like a credible guy who knows what he is talking about, however, I am just worried that if I buy one more book on how to build my business or pay one more dime for another seminar to teach me the skills I need, I am going to get burned and hear the same things again and again. So here are my questions I would love for you to answer for me if you don’t mind.

    1. First off, with Perry Belcher, what exactly does he mean by “friends”? Is it just traffic on your website (s) or are these people you have good conversations with about your product? He mentions that he’s not here to teach us how to make money, but friends. Well, how is that going to help build my business and make me money?

    2. Is buying, “Building on a Budget” another marketing gimmick where at the end of the book I am going to have to pay more money to find out how to do excel even more?

    3. What do the webinars have to offer that your book doesn’t? I mean you say that 2 payments of $97 is a great deal, but is it? That still is a lot of money that I don’t just have off the batt. I guess its a leap of faith? I do love though that you offer a money back guarentee….

    4. Yea you get lots of “friends” or “leads” but what is the success rate in people selling their products with these “friends” or “leads”? You help build my social network, but how does that help build my business? Just becoming friends and then all the magic happens?

    Anyway, I guess I just need to purchase your book to find out more, however, I just don’t want to get burned again and find out that all the money and time I have spent is just lost. Any questions you can answer for me will be greatly appreciated. I am just new at networking and I really want it/need it to work and any help I can get would be great. Basically, I feel like I need someone to take me by the hand and help me out! My upline isn’t…all I hear is “talk to your friends & family”….
    Thanks for taking them time to read my email. I know you are very busy.

    Annie Burdett

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