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Building Your Blog Money Machine

[ 0 ] January 27, 2012 |
Cajun Cooking TV

Cajun Cooking TV

Blogs are a great way to earn extra income. Search engines love them, promoting them is extremely easy, and they can provide you with some very sticky content. If you’re a regular blogger, and you’re good at blogging, then you probably have the potential for a large following of readers who could subscribe to your RSS feed and read your content on a daily basis.

One of the most important keys to successful blogging is by posting to them on a regular basis. If you’re not posting to it regularly, chances are you don’t have a lot of traffic, and people are unlikely to return. When you post often, it not only gives readers new content, it also gives search engines something to love.

The more you post to your blog, the more search engine spiders will visit your site. In addition, you can ping your site every time you write a blog post, which can help you get more traffic. Another important factor to blogging successfully is creating sticky content. Sticky content is a post that is written that will attract your visitors because they actually read and like the article.

Most readers really aren’t interested in what you had for lunch, unless of course you’re a movie star or you provide recipes to your readers on a food blog. What readers want is to read about stuff related to your niche. So if your blog is about boxing, in the very least 90% of your posts should be about boxing – if not all of them.

You should be writing about boxing matches you’ve seen, upcoming events, and the best fighters in the sport. You can post about personal matters once in a while as way to give your readers a chance to really connect with you, but most of your posts really should stay on track with your niche.

Blogging is perfect for those who have services to sell. If you’re computer technician or a restaurant owner, having a blog is the perfect opportunity to be able to keep in touch with your clients. You can offer your clients updates on your availability and schedule, prices and specials and when you’ll be on vacation and so on.

You can also offer clients samples of your product or free consultations and things like that. In addition, if you have a lot of clients who subscribe to your RSS feed, you can keep in touch with them so they’ll order from you more often. Plus, most people will follow blogs more than they will websites.

You should never start a blog if you only intend to put it up and let the cash roll in, because chances are it just won’t work. If you’re interested in starting a blog, you must be will to commit yourself to growing the blog, posting on a continuous basis, updating your links, and not giving up even when life sidetracks you.

Blogging offers multiple selling opportunities – from text links strategically placed throughout the content to image ads such as banners or buttons that are placed in between blog posts. You can also take advantaged of the sidebar by creating a space for affiliate or direct sales revenue and/or advertising.

And make sure that you host your blog on your own domain rather than hosting it on a free blogging platform like Blogger or Squidoo. This creates a more professional image to your readers who visit your website and lends credibility to your efforts as the go-to person in your niche.

Here’s a blog that my wife and I started where we just video what we cook for supper on Saturday nights. We call it Cajun Cooking TV and it is tremendously popular. We now make money with it by selling advertising.

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