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Category: Building on a Budget

Mike Dillard Building on a Budget Review

[ 0 ] March 16, 2010

Mike Dillard Building on a Budget Review

Building on a BudgetSo you’ve got a business, but you don’t want to spend a ton of money trying to build it? Well, let’s review Mike Dillard’s Building on a Budget because you may very well find that success is just a few steps away.

You don’t need expensive pay-per-click ads, banners or links to generate leads for your business. Instead, you can do it all for free. It’s true. Why spend a single dime when you can:

• Find people who are already willing to join your MLM business
• Generate leads by using other people’s traffic (Yes it’s legal!)
• Get your upline to generate your leads
• Create a search engine friendly website that’s professional and free
• Get competing distributors to pay for your advertising
• Get your videos listed in Google top 10, quickly

So, now that you know. It’s time to forget about this review and get started with Mike Dillard’s Building on a Budget before it’s too late and your competitors beat you to it!

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MLM Success with Twitter

[ 1 ] June 15, 2009

MLM and Twitter

If you’re focusing on an MLM business, you probably already know that building relationships and lists of people are both essential for your business to succeed. Most of us already even know about social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace and Twitter. But did you know that Twitter could be an essential tool in the world of network marketing?

Although Twitter is still really new to social networking, it’s actually a great tool that can help you keep in contact with customers and lets you meet new prospects, associates and friends.

Twitter even lets you ‘micro-blog’. Micro-blogging allows users to post tiny blurbs that are no more than 140 characters long, so you can keep things very short! Those short posts are known as “tweets.” And while “tweets” might not seem like a big deal, they can make you very successful if used correctly.

When you have an MLM business, tweets are an effective way to post a message, which could be read by literally thousands of people. Tweets can be used to create excitement and curiosity. You can use them to announce the publication of your articles and even link to them using Twitter.

Tweeting allows you to brand yourself and your product while creating a feeling of trust. Your followers will start to think of you as someone who knows something and wants to provide value. You can also create a buzz about a brand new opportunity or product with a tweet too.

Twitter also allows you to follow other MLM creative minds just like you. When you follow them, you’re giving them the chance to follow you as well, which leaves you open for some great advice and ideas. When they follow you, you’re allowing yourself to be exposed to their twittering friends, which can be a great way to recruit people for your business.

You can also set up twitter on your blog and other social networking sites to gain even more exposure for you and your business. That means every time you tweet, your tweet will appear on your website and social networks. You can also publish posts on your social blogs and website and have it posted automatically to your Twitter profile.

If you do decide to use Twitter as an MLM tool, you need to remember to add some personal daily tweets and you need to respond to other tweeters, unless you want to be banned or blocked.

Let your followers in on your personal life and let them know that you’re interested in what they have to say too. Otherwise Twitter is not going to work for you. But if you choose to use Twitter wisely, it can be a very successful tool in network marketing and your MLM business.

Twitter is key tool in the MLM Traffic Formula 2 strategies.

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Grow Your MLM Business with Squidoo

[ 0 ] June 14, 2009

Squidoo lenses can be a very powerful tool when it comes to getting attention for your MLM business.

It wasn’t too long ago that Squidoo wasn’t a part of the World Wide Web, but in less than 3 years it has became a powerhouse for social marketing and networking. So what’s Squidoo all about?

Well for one, you can share all types of information. You can share information about your favorite hobbies, your job, your business, or your favorite recipes and cooking tips, and/or your network marketing business or products.

Squidoo is very unique in a sense that it offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to promote his or her business –by publishing Squidoo Lenses.

Squidoo lenses are single pages all connected to one website. The pages can easily be built by practically anyone. You can build lenses to feature articles, photos, reviews, recommendations, polls, blog feeds and more.

The great thing about Squidoo is you can use those features to your advantage and show others what your business is all about. Creating a lens really isn’t hard and some even think it’s fun. Of course if you’re pressed for time or you really don’t think Lens creating is for you, you can always hire someone to do it for you.

If you’re considering joining Squidoo, it’s really very easy and you can meet people who are a lot like you with the same goals and business interests. You can even link your Squidoo lenses to your website or blog. Plus you can set your lenses up so that every time you update your lens, a tweet is posted about it on Twitter.

Squidoo is a great networking tool because it can connect you in so many different ways. Not to mention, Google really loves Squidoo lenses and that means a lot more traffic and recognition.

If you really want people to notice you and your business, you should create several lenses that are related to one another on Squidoo. For example, you could create a lense on your MLM journey, your business products and advice on succeeding as an MLM business.

So with all of the wonderful tools you can take advantage of using Squidoo, what are you waiting for? Squidoo needs to be a part of your business marketing plan because it’s quick and easy to publish lenses.

It’s also a great way to meet those who are interested in what you have to say and what you have to offer. You can even use Squidoo to find prospects and leads by creating lenses that will get people’s attention.

Squidoo fits right in with the cutting edge traffic building techniques of MLM Traffic Formula 2.0. So if you’re not using Squidoo as a part of your MLM plan, maybe you should be.

Facebook and Network Marketing

[ 0 ] June 13, 2009

One of the most popular tools in network marketing recruiting is Facebook. Facebook is a networking website where you can connect with old friends, make new ones and build different networks of friends based on what you have in common with them.

However, there’s a lot more to Facebook than just connecting with friends. The networking website also offers the opportunity to join groups or to create groups that can be built from your love for network marketing, MLM and a desire to succeed.

It’s very easy to join Facebook, which in return lets members create a profile that gives your friends a comprehensive view of what you or your business is all about.

Another great feature of Facebook is a “news feed” that is added every time a friend changes their status, makes a comment or adds a link to his or her profile. The “news feed” lets you keep up with what your friends are doing and let’s them know what you’re doing as well.

If you’re interested in networking on Facebook with other network marketers or MLM professionals, you’ll want to consider connecting with people through Facebook groups.

The reason for this is because you’ll more than likely find quite a few MLM and Internet marketing groups on Facebook that catches your eye. This will also give everyone a chance to see who you are and get to know you for you.

When you join groups on Facebook, you’re interacting with other people. You’ll learn from them if you choose to and they can do the same with you. You may even find some great ideas and information to help make your business succeed. However, joining groups is only a start.

After you join a group, you should consider making “friends” with other group members. You can do so by going through the group list and inviting individual members to be your Facebook friends.

An easy way to accomplish this is by going down the list and simply requesting each person to add you as a friend. You can even send them a message with you request if you want to.

However, you should not send the same message to every person because this is considered spam and you could risk losing your membership with Facebook if you do.

After your friend list beings to grow, it would be a good idea to separate your friends into lists where you’re able to keep track of them. For example, you can create a list just for old school friends or family and of course and MLM friends list.

The great thing is, you have the potential of gaining not only new friends, but prospects as well. Those prospects and friends will have other friends that you may want to connect with or them with you. It’s just one of the many reasons Facebook is a great networking tool for your MLM business!

11 Reasons to Start an MLM Blog

[ 1 ] May 26, 2009

If you’re still unsure whether you want to start your own MLM blog, here’s why you should:

• Blogging is easy. Even someone who isn’t very familiar with the latest technology can blog.
• A blog can allow you to increase traffic to your website.

• You can set your blog up so that your posts are automatically added on any date that you choose.

• You will be noticed by Google.

• You will get backlinks to your blog, which will increase your page rank.

• You can get your business noticed even more than it already is.

• You can use Adsense to monetize your blog and make even more money!

• You can use your blog to sell your products or other people’s products.

• People could subscribe to your blog and that means potential prospects.

• Your readers can communicate with you using comments, which can create a sense of trust for you and your business.

• You’ll gain the reputation you need as an expert.

Blogging is a wonderful tool that can be used to bring more traffic to your MLM business and make you more money with sales and recruits. When you allow people to get to know you and you allow them to experience your success as an entrepreneur, you’re allowing yourself the chance to become an expert who will succeed in the world of MLM marketing.

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