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Mike Dillard’s Elevation Group Is Now Open To The Public

[ 0 ] December 7, 2010

Mike Dillard’s Elevation Group


If you are, great  hopefully you have taken the opportunity to join the beta group as a member.  If not then this your opportunity to know how to create true wealth.

This is a a turning point for you.  If you choose to do nothing then you could find yourself among the 95 % of the people who are the middle class that will be wiped out with the transfer of wealth that is currently underway.

Take the time to get access to the short video where Mike Dillard explains in simple steps what has happened and where we are now.   He knows because he has grown his wealth by 280% since 2007.

Why did Mike Dillard create The Elevation Group?  Because Mike Dillard is a passionate successful entrepreneur who knows from his own personal journey to he had to learn and understand how the rich manage money to create lasting wealth.   He observed that there is a lack of concrete information that teaches the middle class how to use the same wealth creation vehicles the rich use.   He created The Elevation Group to deliver the information.

We are at time in history when the transfer of wealth is underway like never before.    History repeats itself with new twists and turns.  This wealth cycle is much like the others that have happened before, with a twist.  The twist now is that the entire world is running on the same economic foundation.   That foundation is failing.

The other twist is a good one,  because of the internet and social media with blogs,  we can connect  through the web. You can choose to become informed, empowered and educated so that you can be on the smart side of the wealth transfer.

Mike Dillard (the Mike Dillard Magnetic Sponsoring guy) has created an excellent program in The Elevation Group.