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Direct Network Marketing for the 21st Century

[ 0 ] April 21, 2010 |

Direct Network Marketing

Magnetic SponsoringDirect Network Marketing, especially in the twenty first century, involves using the latest forms of media such as online ads, forums and websites.

You can mix technology with traditional means like print catalogs, brochures and direct mail postcards, but studies have shown that not only are most people online, but traditional media doesn’t carry the weight it once did, not to mention the cost of offline marketing tactics.

The purpose of network marketing is to get the potential customer to respond to your promotional material and buy your product or sign up to your downline. This is also sometimes referred to as effectively using a call to action.

This is the biggest challenge most marketers face – when there’s a call to action and the customer doesn’t follow through.

Take a moment and think about all of the pleas to buy a product or information that you received just within the last twenty four hours. Because of the vast growth in technology, people hear so much advertising (also known as marketing) that they learn to tune them all out. Even your message.

If you’re being tuned out, you’re not reaching the potential customer, they’re not responding to a call to action and you’re not making as much profit.

In order to break through the “tune out” process, you have to know how to use direct network marketing to ensure the outcome you’re striving for. If your end goal with your network marketing strategy is just to gain a new customer, you’re way off the mark.

Surprised to hear that? Don’t be.  It’s a common mistake even among network marketers who’ve been in the business awhile. The goal and the focus of direct network marketing is to build a strong downline, which means multiplying leads by duplicating the original.

How can you turn one customer into hundreds of customers? On your website, aside from having well written content, you need a way for the visitor to sign up. When they sign up, you can then contact them with your messages.

This is sometimes referred to as permission based marketing, which beats any type of cold calling. The people who sign up are the ones who want to hear about your product.

Obviously, you can’t travel the world in a day, but your virtual presence can with the use of an online video. You can introduce yourself and show people all over the world how you can meet their needs.

By taking advantage of direct network marketing using your computer, you can meet new clients (who will in turn lead you to other clients) and you can interact with the customers and prospects that you do have and make those relationships even stronger.

Magnetic Sponsoring is the ultimate blueprint for Direct Network Marketing in the 21st Century.

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