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Empower Network Compensation Plan

[ 2 ] June 26, 2012 |

The Empower Network Compensation Plan

If you’ve been involved in any kind of affiliate marketing then you know that being able to earn 100% commission is pretty much unheard of in internet marketing, (unless it’s a chintzy little $7 e-book.) But with the Empower Compensation Plan, it’s not only possible, it really happens and it happens for all team members, not just a few.

Simple Comp Plan Video

Details of the Empower Network Compensation Plan

Sound too good to be true? Well, prepare to be impressed.

Fact: All you need is one single referral to break even. With the first person you refer, you get back the original $25/$100 that you paid out and you get it instantly.

Fact: Members pay each other. The money goes directly to you – not through the company

Fact: With the pass-up compensation plan, your income is compounded.

Fact: Amazing blogging platform and out-of-the-box marketing systems help you earn 100% payments.

Biggest Fact: You earn 100% commission every 30 days from every member in your payline. That’s $25/$100 of recurring income from each person in your payline.

The key to this whole thing is the opportunity to earn recurring income. With recurring, or residual income, you get paid over and over again without the discouragement of having to start over month after month.

Think about the many large corporations like AT&T, Sprint, or Comcast who make money by sending you a monthly bill for using their services. Monthly billing is another word for residual income.

The more customers they add, the more money they make. The more members you sign up, the more money you make.

Membership Levels In The Empower Network

Choose from three optional levels.

1. Empower Network Basic Membership – $25 Monthly (Required)
2. Empower Network ‘Inner Circle’ Membership – $100 Monthly (Optional)
3. Empower Network ‘Costa Rica’ Mastermind Intensive Membership – $500 (Optional one-time fee)

What’s The Rate of Conversion?

Statistics don’t lie and these statistics are impressive. For every 100 people who become basic members at $25, a full 50% of them choose to upgrade to the inner circle at $100 and 25% will choose the Costa Rica at $500.

empower network upsell planFor our purposes, we’re only going to look at the $25 and $100 levels since these are opportunities for residual income. (The Costa Rica is a one time payment so we’ll ignore that for now.)

We are going to assume that you are fully qualified. To be fully qualified, you have to have recruited 6 people or more and so are eligible to receive pass-ups.

Let’s look at what would happen if you were able to get 20 members each month. (With this system coupled with great team support, this is entirely do-able, by the way.)

If you figure in pass-ups, that comes to 16 members at the basic $25 level which comes to $400 and 8 members who are upgrading to the $100 level for an additional $800. This is a total of $1200 in your first month.

But you do it again in month two by signing up 20 more members.

Another $1200 –right? Actually not right because you forgot to add in the $1200 from the 20 members you signed up in month one. So after two months, you’re earning $2400. In three months, with that same 20 member signup it comes to $3600. And so on.

But to make it even simpler let’s look only at what happens with the basic $25 level, without adding in the monthly residuals.

The Power of 6 Explained

In our example, let’s use 6 as our magic number. We’ll say that everyone gets 6 new members their first week and every week thereafter. So here’s what happens:

Week 1

You get 6 new members.
You keep 3 and the other 3 get passed up to your upline.
You earn 3 x $25 = $75

Week 2

You get 6 new members and so do the 3 members you kept from week 1.
These 3 pass up 3 of their members to you. So this week, you have a total of 9.
You earn 9 x $25 = $225

*Don’t forget to add the members which are rolled over from the previous week.

Week 3

You get 6 new members and so do the 9 members you already have.
These 9 pass up 3 of their members to you. So this week, you have a total of 18.
You earn 18 x $25 = $450

*Don’t forget to add the members which are rolled over from the previous week.

Week 4

You get 6 new members and so do the 18 members you already have.
These 18 pass up 3 of their members to you. So this week, you have a total of 54.
You earn 54 x $25 = $1,350

*Don’t forget to add the members which are rolled over from the previous week.

Week 5

You get 6 new members and so do the 54 members you already have.
These 54 pass up 3 of their members to you. So this week, you have a total of 162.
You earn 162 x $25 = $4,050

*Don’t forget to add the members which are rolled over from the previous week.

Week 6

You get 6 new members and so do the 162 members you already have.
These 162 pass up 3 of their members to you. So this week, you have a total of 486.
You earn 486 x $25 = $12,150

*Don’t forget to add the members which are rolled over from the previous week.

Let’s move on to Week 10.

Week 10

You get 6 new members and so do the 13,125 members you already have.
These 13,125 pass up 3 of their members to you. So this week, you have a total of 39,375.
You earn 39,375 x $25 = $984,375

*Don’t forget to add the members which are rolled over from the previous week.
With the monthly recurring billing added in, you earn …$984,375.00 in only 10 weeks!

How’s that for a $25 program?

Of course this is a best case scenario because that kind of income will vary depending upon the effort of each member, but even so the potential income is incredible. Even if you did just 10% of that, it’s more than most people earn working full-time.

What About the Empower Network ‘Inner Circle’?

Next let’s take a look at the earning potential of the ‘Inner Circle’. Using the 39,375 member number that we came up with in week 10, if 50% of those members do the $100 upgrade to the inner circle, that works out to an additional 19,687 members.

empower-network-upsellNow with each of them paying you $100 per month, you can earn —- wait for it —– a staggering $2,953, 075 each and every month. Talk about a life changer.

That doesn’t even touch on the 25% of people who pay the $500 one time upgrade fee. That alone comes to an additional $4,895,000.

Look, this example is what could happen if every member brought in 6 people in their first week. Many members bring in many more than 6 people. Some bring in dozens or even hundreds. With these kinds of figures your income potential has absolutely no limit.

Like they say – the sky is the limit! And it’s all because of the 100% commission that is paid out from member to member with no middleman.

The bottom line is: The more effort you put into this, the more money you stand to get out of it. But it’s not going to be too difficult to start earning a five figure monthly recurring income, pretty quickly.

The Empower Network has an extremely high retention rate. The reason is simple.

empower network potentialAll you need is one member and your membership is paid for. And then all that person needs is one active member to come out even, so why on earth would they leave when their membership is covered every month?

If they get even one other person to sign up and remain active, they are instantly in profit and earning a monthly residual payment. I don’t know too many people who would walk away from that do you?

It’s easy to get started. It all comes down to three simple steps which are explained in more detail in your back office.

Step 1: Blog every day.
Step 2: Tell other people about this opportunity.
Step 3: Get paid.

How to Get Faster Results

If you follow the 3 steps just listed, you will get some traffic. But you need to do a little more to get the massive traffic which can lead to the results we talked about earlier. If you’re familiar with internet marketing you’ll know something about this part. It includes, but isn’t limited to:

•    On page SEO for each and every blog post
•    The use of backlinking and off page SEO – this will increase your rankings
•    Social Syndication

By using these and other steps which you’ll learn when you join the network, your content will rank more quickly and end up higher in the rankings than sites that don’t take advantage of these steps.

But even if you don’t follow through with these steps, your blog posts will still rank because the Empower Network is an authority blog and authority websites are recognized by Google and so are ranked higher and more easily than other websites.

The Empower Network is a wonderful way to get involved in a real money making opportunity. But like any organization with different teams or groups, some are stronger than others. If you’re researching this opportunity and have found our group, you’ll understand what I mean in a minute.

Some groups offer little to no support, help or extra training, which is not too helpful for new marketers. Our group makes sure that every member has the support, help and training that they need to succeed.

When you join our group here’s what you get:

•    Access to the Elite Inner Circle Mastermind Training, Resources, and Bonuses Membership site. This site goes into lots of detail about driving massive amounts of traffic and leads to your own Empower Network System immediately.
•    You get direct access to the top leaders in the network both by phone and by email.
•    In addition, you get to use our exclusive free lead capture page and webinar systems. This is only available to our team members. Because it is unique from what others in the Empower Network are using, you can generate even more leads and make more money in your business.
•    On-going advanced training which will help your business soar.
•    Even more

empower-network-teamAnd there’s a lot more but too much to outline here. If you’d like more information, please visit the Empower Network Team Benefits and Bonuses Page.

You are flat out not going to find an opportunity like this anywhere else:

–    100% Commission
–    Training From Top Earners
–    Ready to go, out-of-the-box, marketing system and blogging platform.

If you’ve heard enough and are ready to join our Empower Network Team, you can do that here. I’m happy to answer your questions, so if you have some, don’t hesitate to call or email me.

CLICK HERE to JOIN the Empower Network

Beryl Stokes

Beryl Stokes


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  1. Benny Griffin says:

    What are you actually purchasing for $25/month, is there an on going training program where you are getting something new all the time?

  2. Mike says:

    Hi Benny,

    For the $25/month you are purchasing the blogging platform. There is more training available in additonal products, and to be honest I am being blown away by how good it is. They actually teach you how to make money. I’ve spent a fortune over the years on books and courses, and I can honestly say this is the first time I feel like I got all the pieces of the puzzle.


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