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Funded Proposals

[ 0 ] October 20, 2008 |

How Do Funded Proposals Help You Build Your Business?

Mike StokesOne of the biggest challenges to those building a network marketing business is keeping momentum going while trying to make money. Having income while building your business is vital to your success and your ongoing zest for your business.

There is a way to do this – get your system in place and have your prospects pay you from the very beginning. It’s called a funded proposal.

Funded proposals attack a couple of problems that network marketers face, especially in the beginning:

• Weak cash flow – when there isn’t enough money coming in, it’s hard to keep the business going.

• Weak flow of prospects – meaning that there just aren’t enough prospects at a particular time to sustain the business.

A funded proposal solves these problems because it does a couple good things for you:

• It brings in needed cash flow when your prospect purchases a small product or service from you while they are “checking you out.”

• These prospects that make a small purchase are basically pre-qualifying themselves as more serious prospects. If they like what they get, and what they see, they will be much more likely to join your downline than if you had cold-called them.

So the funded proposal is this – you’re getting them semi-hooked with the low price, but high quality item or service you initially sell them. There’s your prospect base, and it’s ever growing, and there is your constant in-flow of cash. Then you bring them in when they’re ready with your business opportunity. Works wonderfully!

Magnetic Sponsoring is the best funded proposal marketing system ever created for the network marketing industry. It is a complete turn-key system…

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Call me with any questions you may have, I’ve been using the Magnetic Sponsoring funded proposal system for over 3 years and have had tremendous success. I’ll be happy to tell you all about it.

Mike Stokes
(225) 366-0731

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