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Get Paid to Recruit with Magnetic Sponsoring

[ 0 ] March 25, 2010 |

Get Paid to Recruit with Magnetic Sponsoring

Magnetic SponsoringYou will find success in MLM when you find a system that brings prospects TO YOU.

Would you like to get paid to recruit?

Of course you would!

One of the most impressive pieces of the Magnetic Sponsoring puzzle is the fact that with Magnetic Sponsoring, recruiting becomes not only easier and less of a problem…

It becomes a paid activity!

Some people will find this difficult to believe, but it’s true, and that may be the best thing about Magnetic Sponsoring.

Here’s how getting paid to recruit works, and it’s really very simple:

The first part of the equation is that you position yourself as an expert. This takes place online, so instead of being visible to a handful of people at your job, in your neighborhood and family, you’re available to literally millions of people, every day, 24/7. And, as a trusted expert, who has a dominating online presence, people are automatically attracted to you.

Buying From an Expert (or a Newbie!)

Think about it this way, would you rather buy something, learn something or take advice from someone who is an expert, or someone who is just trying to get your attention long enough to make a quick buck off you before they move on to the next person?

Next, you offer something of true value to people at a very reasonable price. They buy it, love it and learn to love you! While these things are happening, you’re recruiting without saying a word, without giving a hard sell. You’re recruiting by setting an example of what MLM can really be.

This is attraction marketing and it works. You’ve attracted people to you through positioning and creating a bond of trust. And, you’ve earned money from people, even though they are not yet a part of your MLM team (although they may very well become a part of your team.)

You’re getting paid to recruit, and you do not even have to deal with people hanging the phone up on you or slamming their door in your face. In fact, they are coming to you!

Get Started For Free, OR Dive Right In

You’ve figured out that Magnetic Sponsoring has true potential as a system for getting where you want to be faster, haven’t you? The thing that most people love about it (well, there are a lot of things) is this program has depth. It covers a lot to be sure.

Using Magnetic Sponsoring allows you to learn things about turning the Internet into yet another tool in your marketing toolkit – and a powerful one at that.

If you think you may like to find out more about Magnetic Sponsoring and learn of it’s right for you and you are right for it, you can start with a FREE seven-day attraction marketing boot camp.

This is great because you don’t pay one cent, and yet you get a comprehensive introduction to attraction marketing, which is the foundation of Magnetic Sponsoring. It’s delivered to you online for your convenience. Once you complete the free boot camp, you can advance to additional training.

Not everyone is right for Magnetic Sponsoring. It’s not a get-rich-quick plan, so if you’re looking for something that will enable you to sit all day, doing nothing, while piles of cash drop from the sky, you’re looking in the wrong place. But, if you’re a go-getter and you know that education is the key to success, then this might be a match made in heaven!

With Magnetic Sponsoring you’re taught what you need to know to build a business, but it’s up to you to do the work. Are you ready?

Get started today! CLICK HERE To Get Started Get started today and transform your MLM business.

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