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Google Pay Per Click

[ 0 ] January 17, 2012 |

How to Join a Network of Prosperity

The Google pay per click advertising program is called AdWords. The program is one of the most prosperous ad campaigns you can particiapate in, since your ads will be spread throughout a network that includes other popular sites as well, including AOL,, YouTube, and the New York Times. No matter how small or large your marketing budget may be, there is a way to get involved and increase traffic (and sales!) to your site.

Controlling Cost with Google Pay Per Click

With Google pay per click you can control the total cost of your ad campaign by setting a daily budget limit for your account. When someone searches for a keyword that is included in your campaign, your ad may be displayed on their search results page. How often your ad appears will be determined by your daily budget.

Options with Google Pay Per Click

There are various ways that your ads can be displayed through Google pay per click. The most basic way is through the process described above with the search results pages, but you may also have your ad featured on websites and blogs that sign up to earn extra money through the AdSense program. You will be charged for each click that your ad receives on those pages.

Benefits of Google Pay Per Click

So, why would you want to pay for increased traffic to your site? The answer is very simple – if no one knows your site exists your chances of making a sale are very low. You need to get your ad in front of as many eyes as possible, and that means drawing in more traffic any way you possibly can.

With Google pay per click you know that the people drawn to your site will have at least some interest in what you are trying to sell.

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