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How Pay Per Click Marketing Works

[ 0 ] January 10, 2012 |

If you’ve ever visited a search engine, you’ll notice that Pay Per Click (PCP), advertisements are generally seen on the search results pages separated from the regular results. The advertisements placed on those pages are there to entice people to visit their websites and possibly even purchase their product or service.

Those advertisers that place the ads will pay search engines a specific amount of money for each click that the ad brings that takes a potential customer to their website. Once they are able to meet the formula that the pay per click search engine has compiled for the top ads, the advertiser can find their ads on the first page of the search results where consumers are more likely to see them and click on them.

Pay Per Click marketing allows a website owner to increase their traffic fairly quickly. It can be used as an effective way of selling more products or even building a list with an increase in website traffic.

When a potential customer searches for a particular topic and they put the keyword or phrase related to that topic in the search box, they’ll get a page of results that includes sponsor ads, organic results and the pay per click ads that are generally located on the right side of the screen.

The higher up the ad is placed on the results page, the greater the chances are of people visiting that website. Most PPC search hubs have formulas to determine what ads get top placement on their search engine –it’s not just about who bids on the most keywords.

In order to get visitors to click through to the website, that advertiser has to capture their attention and pull them away from their competition’s ads. While some PPC marketing campaigns are actually successful, there are still many that end up losing money.

That’s because the ad may not clearly convey what the landing page is actually about and that can cause some people to click through just to see. It may also mean that the ad is deceptive and the landing page isn’t convincing enough to cause a potential buyer to make a purchase.

And because the advertiser pays for every click that’s made, they end up paying those search engines for clicks on their ads that may end up being a waste of their hard earned money. That’s why it’s absolutely crucial that they monitor their campaigns.

Those PPC marketers who are actually successful are the ones who know how to get traffic to their website and how to get customers to buy from them.

With Pay Per Click marketing you can test how successful an ad is and replace it with a better ad if it’s not doing as well as they’d like or they can just optimize the current ad for better results.

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