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How to Build an MLM Downline

[ 0 ] April 30, 2010 |

How to Build an MLM Downline

Once you find the perfect network marketing opportunity, you’re probably going to be all excited about it. When you first start trying to build your MLM downline, you’re going to be disappointed to find that not everyone else automatically shares your enthusiasm.

You need to know how to build an MLM downline if you want your online business to grow and sustain you financially for years to come. You can certainly sell the product of the program to consumers who aren’t willing to join the business opportunity portion, but think of how much more profitable it will be to have a team contributing to your finances through their own sales.

One thing many network marketers forget is that without genuine enthusiasm about the end product, it will be hard to convince anyone to buy. First you have to choose a product you believe in. This will make it easier for you to persuade others to promote it as well.

The second step in building an MLM downline is to become well educated about both the product and the business opportunity.  If you falter with your knowledge, it will be a turn off to others and make them wary about your intentions.

Next, you want to position many nets on the web to catch prospects in your money making funnel. You’ll have to cast several types of nets – some that focus on the target audience that the product was meant for – and some that concentrate on those individuals who are also looking for a way to make money and work from home for themselves.

You’ll want to conduct thorough keyword research using both free and paid tools so that you know how both of these demographics are searching for what they need on the ‘net. You’ll then create many items online that attract search engines and get them to deliver your web pages as a top result for the people conducting the searches.

Create pages on web 2.0 properties like Squidoo, Hub Pages and Google Knol. Utilize social media networks like Twitter and FriendFeed to spread your message to more people. Post to a blog daily, if possible, to build a reputation as a leader in your niche.

Host chats on Ustream or other avenues to allow your prospective downline to learn from you and come to trust you as someone they want to lead them in the network marketing industry.

Building an MLM downline doesn’t have to be difficult. You don’t need to be a multi millionaire to attract people to sign up under you. What you do need is drive, determination, and knowledge that you can pass down to help make others a success like you want to be.

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