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How to Find MLM Leads

[ 0 ] May 1, 2010 |

How to Find MLM Leads

Order Magnetic SponsoringDo you want to join a networking marketing venture but you’re afraid you won’t know how to find MLM leads that are necessary to make the business grow? Relax. Finding MLM leads isn’t that difficult once you get the hang of how it all works.

Leads are the reason you’ll be able to stay in business for the long haul. If you have ten leads this week and that garners you three new members for your downline, that’s great. But what about next week? The week after? Next month? Many network marketers exhaust their short list of friends and family and then don’t know how to generate new leads in the marketplace.

Finding the right leads can become as automatic as taking a breath and once you understand it, you’ll wonder why you were so nervous in the first place. You want to learn how to produce what’s known as warm leads.

These are leads where the person signing up has come to you already interested in what it is that you’re promoting. A cold lead is just the opposite – the person you’re approaching isn’t aware of the opportunity and may not have any interest or desire to join.

Advice that tells you to sprinkle your business cards from one end of your city to the next isn’t the most effective. So is the advice to take out an ad or spend money you don’t have trying to reach people who may not want to listen. You’re wasting your money and time by hunting leads that way. There’s a better way to go about it.

There are lead brokers that charge marketers a regular fee to buy MLM leads from companies that find the leads for you. Some of these are helpful and will increase your business, but others will have been shared too many times so they’re out of date and useless.

Look for lead generating companies that have systems geared toward specific demographic information, such as gender, geographic location, or age. This could help you depending on what type of network marketing opportunity you’re promoting.

Some of these companies also provide automated systems that can let you know if your potential customer looked at the email or deleted it unread. That will let you know whether or not to invest more time in that lead or to move on to your other MLM leads.

Put up elements on the web that attract more warm leads for you. Create landing pages online that offer some sort of freebie in exchange for the name and email address of the prospect. Once they’re in your list, convert them with valuable and motivating emails that automatically get sent out to them on a schedule that you choose to set.

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