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How to Use Squidoo to Attract Your Own Downline

[ 0 ] February 10, 2012 |

You will find several very useful tools online that will give you the opportunity to build an attractive site that is informative and free. Squidoo lenses, Hub Pages and WetPaint Wikis are all essential tools that you can use to build your site and satisfy your MLM marketing needs

Squidoo lenses use a one page site that includes “plug and play” tools for a variety of content types. They include text modules for articles, poll modules for quick input, conveniently easy links to set up for Amazon products similar to the subject, an RSS blog feed module to expand your business, and much more.

When you create a Squidoo lens, you’re able to feature some aspect of your business –starting with raw recruiting of getting your potential prospect to join your downline and giving them the educational tools and materials they’ll need in the process.

You can use Squidoo’s content modules to create outstanding educational articles that will show your readers why they should be a part of your business. You can even include audio file sound bites, live opt in forms and video to your lens to create an experience that your prospects and downline will be talking about for a very long time.

With your very first lens, you’ll want to give your readers a reason for example on how to make money online while also letting your readers know that there’s a solution and you can lead them through that solution.

You should not try using a hard-sell approach right now. You need to get them warmed up and to do that you need to play up your personality in that lens and make them feel as if you’re not out to take advantage of them.

Instead, you’ll build your sales pitch, starting with soft links for those who are ready to get started, while linking to other lenses or pages that will hook your reader with more information until they’re ready to be sold and they want a business like yours and you’re the person they want leading them.

These are the basics of what’s known as Attraction Marketing. Yet before those basics are explored even further, we need to look at some basic search engine optimization tips so that your social media content gets found in the first place.

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