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Is Network Marketing Legal?

[ 0 ] May 4, 2010 |

Is Network Marketing Legal?

In a five story apartment complex, imagine if one of the residents living on the top floor filled a pillowcase with five hundred small strips of paper. On half of the strips of paper, the resident wrote outrageous lies about the apartment complex. On the other half, the resident wrote the truth.

He then opened a window and shook out the pillowcase. The strips of paper rained down on the pedestrians below. Some pedestrians would get the misinformation and believe it while others would read the truth and believe that. It’s unfortunate that because of word of mouth misinformation, legal network marketing opportunities are mistaken for illegal pyramid schemes.

This propaganda is widely spread on the Internet and hurts two groups of people – those who are in the network marketing business and earning a legal and legitimate income and those who would get into the business but are afraid because of the untruths they’ve heard.

The best way to check out the truth behind network marketing is to check with the laws governing your state. You’ll see in black and white that network marketing is legal. If you’re a network marketer and you get tired of people asking you how network marketing and pyramid schemes are different (or they’re worried because of rumors they’ve heard), put the answers to this on your site.

Give the prospects a link where they can read about it for themselves. Invite them to check you out and to check out the legitimacy of the product. For the people who question whether or not people really make money marketing, offer to show them the proof from your own life.

People who are skeptical want to see proof. It’s human nature because of all of the scam artists who pop up by the thousands in businesses, but you can prove that network marketing is different. You won’t have to look for examples to give them on how to succeed. You are the example of the success and truth they seek.

The warnings about illegal pyramid schemes were prompted by government inquiries into that type of practice. Many people who want to get into network marketing but aren’t sure if it’s legal are unaware that the government also regulates the business.

Whether or not network marketing is legal has never been an issue for those in the business and who know the truth behind the rumors and lies. Those fortunate enough to be part of network marketing continue to experience both personal and financial growth.

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