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Keyword Research Is Your First Step in SEO

[ 0 ] February 10, 2012 |

This is Basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 101 here, the very first step you need to take in setting up your online marketing plan – keyword research.

Okay, so it would really be nice if people could just type the words “how to make money at home” and just show up on your lens about how to make money with MLMs, however that’s not the real world and there are just way too many other people fighting for the same keywords and position.

Now that doesn’t mean that someday you won’t be able to pull in a top 10 SERPs position for those particular keyword phrases, but right now, you need to find other less competitive phrases to grab the attention of your prospects.

That’s where basic search engine optimization comes into play. You can do this by taking a general search term like “make money from home” and typing it into a keyword research tool, such as the free Google Keyword external tool for a basic search.

Once you do a search, the results will show with dozens (or even hundreds) of terms that contain your main term plus the synonyms in the list below the main term.

From that list, you’ll need to choose one and then write articles around that phrase. The basic idea is to write 3 to 4 short 250 word articles for each Squidoo lens or blog post so that your reader digests from one article to the next.

One example would be the phrase “work at home,” which you would write as an article with a title like, “Best Work At Home Plans” and another one “Work At Home Businesses” and so on like that.

I learned how to research keywords from Mark and Court at the Keyword Academy.

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