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Keywords Are Not the Only Key to a Successful PPC Campaign

[ 0 ] January 10, 2012 |

Keywords are crucial when it comes to the pay per click (PPC) campaigns in your business. But, keywords are not the only thing you should concentrate on if you want to make your PPC campaign a success. To make your PPC campaign a true success you will also need:

A relevant landing page is very important. When a potential customer clicks on your PPC ad and visits your website, what’s the first thing they will see? Visitors can be easily turned off if you don’t grab their attention immediately. So unless your landing page is a hit, you’ll wind up paying for a click-through that brings you nothing in return.

Your website should be pleasing to the eye as well as provide the right kind of content that will eventually lead to a sale. You also need an attention-grabbing headline on your landing page. For example, if a potential customer is searching for Internet marketing tips and you just happen to be selling an Internet marketing book, show them that you are in the title of your landing page.

Your PPC ad’s content is also very important when it comes to the success of your campaign. Instead of using “Internet marketing book” as your title, you should consider using variations in your headline to entice a click-through from your potential customers.

You could try using a question, a statistic or even a shocking statement. Use your keywords in your titles, they will actually stand out in bold letters in the PPC engine, allowing you to stay one step ahead of the competition.

You should always use a search engine for your PPC ad campaign that is within your budget. If you find a cheaper search engine than the one you’re considering, you should use the cheaper of the two. However you should also take into consideration that Google gets the lion’s share of the searches.

Remember to keep organized and always check your campaigns to see how well they are working. Instead of just deleting your ad campaigns, why not try making alterations to them. Your AdWords results won’t rank as high if you always delete them.

You can also take things a step further by using Google Analytics on your website to see just how people are finding and interacting with your website. You may find that one particular page on your site generates a better ROI (return on your investment) and if that’s the case, you may want to steer your traffic to that page rather than the landing page.

Keywords are important when it comes to the success of your PPC ad, but remember they’re not the only element of your campaign. Your ultimate success includes the words used in your ad, your landing page and your determination to commit to the ongoing process of making your pay per click strategy as optimized as possible.

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