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Lead Generation System

[ 0 ] October 21, 2008 |

Viable Lead Generation Systems

Leads. A marketer’s biggest desire and biggest fear.

Talk about a double-edged sword! You can’t grow your MLM business without leads, and good ones. And you probably already know how difficult it can be to produce a good solid list or group of leads – you’ve been rejected ten thousand times already! So you’ve grown to fear prospecting.

All that’s over right now – at least the fear part. With a viable lead generation system, you really don’t have to give up all your blood, sweat and tears just to get a couple decent leads. One very powerful lead generation system is Magnetic Sponsoring’s funded proposal program.

This is a program that brings pre-qualified leads to you. You aren’t cold calling, nor are you knocking on your neighbor’s doors. You are setting up a proven system that gets good prospects to you – all you have to do is work on bringing them the rest of the way.

Magnetic Sponsoring is set up so that your prospects do two things before you even say your first hello – they opt-in to your list requesting your video tutorials, and many make a purchase from you, and in doing so, they indicate their interest in you and your business.

This eliminates a lot of legwork for you. Once they’ve purchased a valuable initial product from you, you need only to give them a bit of time to use and appreciate it, and then contact them with your business opportunity.

They already know your name, and have begun to develop trust in you, so you’re already more than halfway there!  Now there’s a viable lead generation system!

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