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Magnetic Sponsoring Attraction Marketing

[ 0 ] December 1, 2008 |

Magnetic Sponsoring Attraction Marketing

The one written in stone truth about Internet marketing and MLM is that without leads and customers, you’re dead in the water. It’s a dog-eat-dog world, even on the Internet, and only those with the “right stuff” and the right methods win.

The old methods of cold calling and pestering your neighbors, high school friends and grandma to join your business are antiquated, plus they’re just plain annoying (for you and grandma!). There’s a better way that’s simpler and quite pretty obvious, yet lots of marketers don’t get it yet. It’s called attraction marketing.

So, just what is this new style of  marketing? I guess I could try to make it sound mysterious, but seriously it’s not. It’s just like it sounds. You attract prospects to you. You don’t go chasing them.

Magnetic Sponsoring Attraction Marketing

You become sort of like a magnet, and they are like pieces of metal. They can’t resist coming to you! Magnetic Sponsoring teaches you how to implement the principles of attraction marketing by teaching you how to take advantage of everything the Internet has to offer you. Web 2.0 tools are amazing, and they’re all either free or pretty darn cheap to use! This is the basis of attraction-marketing.

You will learn to make yourself attractive as a brand. By branding yourself and making yourself visible and “attractive” to prospects, you will naturally gain business.

You’re learning about selling yourself. This is one of the main things that conventional marketing wisdom forgets. You have to first brand yourself and make yourself attractive, then your business follows. Magnetic Sponsoring shows you how to do this!

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