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Magnetic Sponsoring Cash Flow

[ 0 ] November 5, 2008 |

Magnetic Sponsoring Keeps Cash Flow Strong With Funded Proposals

In building your network marketing business, your two biggest challenges will be getting good leads and keeping the money flowing for continued advertising and marketing. This isn’t a secret – all Internet marketers know that and know that not having a handle on those two things could spell disaster. This is why Magnetic Sponsoring works so well.

Magnetic Sponsoring makes MLM lead generation and recruiting much more productive and simple because it brings pre-qualified leads straight to you. You don’t have to spend time and frustration hunting for prospects.

The way this works is through a funded proposal system. A customer comes to you looking for a solution to a problem. You of course, have that solution available to them for a very reasonable and attractive price, so they make a purchase.

Right at that moment, two things happen – they give you money (cash flow) and they give you their contact information (a lead). Now, you don’t have to go running right to them begging them to join your downline.

Let them use the product they’ve purchased from you. They’ll like it and trust you for providing it to them. Now is the time to use their contact information to offer them an opportunity to join you. See how great that works?

The funded proposal system keeps your cash flow steady because even if people choose not to join your downline, they’ve made a purchase and you’ve made some revenue. Plus, they’ve also pre-qualified themselves as a lead, or maybe just a future purchaser of more products. You win no matter what!

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