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Magnetic Sponsoring for MLM Distributors

[ 0 ] January 5, 2009 |

MLM Distributors – Grow Your Downline!

Okay MLM distributors – grow your downline! The time is here and if you’re struggling with growing your downline you need to make some changes. Trust me, it’s not that you aren’t smart enough or that you’re not working hard enough.

I bet you’re working yourself to exhaustion and I bet you’re a pretty smart cookie (you’re reading this aren’t you)! I will also bet there’s a good possibility that the system you’re using to grow your downline just isn’t what it’s cracked up to be.

If you’re wearing yourself out cold calling and pestering everyone you know to the point of making enemies, or spending money on lousy “prospect” lists, you need to make a change.

Here’s the change you need to start growing your downline – Magnetic Sponsoring.

Okay, I know the alarm bells are sounding, but before you run screaming let me tell you why Magnetic Sponsoring is better: attraction marketing.

The concept of attraction marketing is a simple, yet extremely effective one. Basically, you position yourself on the Internet to attract prospects to you using all the Web 2.0 tools that are available to you.

This is how people are getting good leads and growing their downline, not by buying leads and certainly not by working themselves to exhaustion to find them! Magnetic Sponsoring is a system that is proven to work.

Its developer, Mike Dillard, used it to grow his downline exponentially and now he’s extremely wealthy. Others, including myself have had phenomenal success as well. If you’re an MLM distributor struggling to grow your downline, it’s time to make a change to Magnetic Sponsoring!

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