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Magnetic Sponsoring Funded Proposal Marketing

[ 1 ] July 21, 2008 |

Funded Proposal Marketing


How To Get Your Prospects To Pay You
Whether They Join You or Not!

Funded ProposalThe biggest expense you’ll have in your business is lead generation – advertising and marketing.

If you can erase this expense, you can stay in the game until your residuals kick in.

Believe it or not, you can even turn your lead generation into a PROFIT CENTER.

Nine out of ten of the people you talk to are not going to join you in your primary deal…

That’s just the way it is.

Hey, you just can’t afford to lose 90-95% of your prospects, can you?

Well, that fact is, the smart networkers make money whether their prospects join them or not…

“How?” You may be asking yourself…

The fact is, your best “targeted” prospect for your business is someone that has already been in a home-based business, whether they’re in a business right now or have been in the past.

You don’t have to sell them on the industry, and they quite often already know other people that they can bring into a profitable venture.

What’s the last thing another MLMer wants to see?

An ad for another MLM deal.

What’s almost every MLMer looking for?

A “how-to” system to make his or her deal work!

People Don’t Buy MLM.


People aren’t looking for another deal…

They’re looking for a way to make the one they’re already in work!

Magnetic Sponsoring Is A Funded Proposal System

And this is exactly what Magnetic Sponsoring is…

The solution to every MLMer’s problems is the funded proposal.

CLICK on the Image Below for 7 FREE Videos

Whether you create your own, or use the Magnetic Sponsoring system, the funded proposal marketing model is the way to cover all of your advertising and marketing expenses.


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  1. […] a simple plan to bring in the cash. The way the Magnetic Sponsoring funded proposal is set up, you can begin bringing money in early on, even on the prospects that choose not to join […]

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