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Why Magnetic Sponsoring is Not a Get Rich Quick Scam

[ 1 ] May 15, 2011 |

Magnetic SponsoringChances are you’ve probably heard that Magnetic Sponsoring is another one of those get rich quick scams, but before you toss this valuable marketing tool aside, listen to this.

If you’ve ever read Mike Dillard’s (the man behind the system) rags to riches story, then it should be obvious that he didn’t create his success overnight. It took time for him to get where he’s at today and he did it by pouring blood, sweat and tears into his online business. And any business that says you can make money instantly, quickly, immediately, is probably giving you a load of bull.

There have however been Network Marketers who’ve made millions of dollars just like Mike Dillard, but they’ve also worked their butts off for a long time, built their business name, credibility and read the Magnetic Sponsoring Reviews other Networkers have wrote.

But if you think Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring can instantly make you a lot of money fast, you’re going to learn that’s simply not the case. To make money in the online business world, you must be willing to work really hard and have a long term view of things.

One of the biggest mistakes Networkers make is they create hundreds of different business niches hoping to strike gold quickly. But, instead of creating an instant cash flow, they just end up with a lot of websites that don’t really amount to much of anything.

However, if you build your brand using only a small number of websites (meaning less than 5), you’re opening doors to numerous leads, traffic and other business opportunities like the Magnetic Sponsoring Affiliate Program.

In addition to a smaller number of websites, you need to make sure your pages contain quality content that is both useful and original. Another mistake many Networkers make is that they buy and use content that’s created by other people and sold to numerous buyers. And if you need to ask why this is a problem, just do a search for your content and see how many other businesses come up in the search engine results for the very same thing. Not very unique if you ask me.

Unfortunately, in the end many Network Marketers will still believe that they can get rich quickly from an online business. Some will continue to believe the scams and nothing anyone can say will convince them otherwise. They’ll purchase a marketing tool like Mike Dillard’s system, then when they realize it didn’t make them instantly rich, tell the world it’s all a scam.

But if your dream is to build a business that will grow and create a cash flow that will increase overtime, then maybe you really should consider a marketing tool like Magnetic Sponsoring, stop believing it‘s another scam and start realizing the possibilities in can help create for your online business.

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  1. Joy says:

    Even though the unemployment rate is slowly going down jobs are still scarce in many places. People are in a desperation to keep their homes, pay their bills, put food on the table and keep clothing on their backs. Can’t say I’ve really blame them. They make a buck wherever they can and when they see a product that might actually help provide an income, they almost always expect to make a lot of money overnight. When they don’t see big results they get frustrated and give up automatically. Thanks to society we expect too much and we expect everything to be handed to us on a platter or we expect it to be easy. In my opinion we are lazy! Look at all of the products on the market that let us get away with laziness. And then we wonder why products that are only supposed to be helpful and not make us a fast buck don’t work in our opinion. We give the product a bad name or review without ever giving it a real chance or putting any effort into it on our part. So sad. I wish there were more articles out there like this one. People need to open their eyes to what’s real and what is not.

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