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Magnetic Sponsoring Lead Generator

[ 0 ] October 3, 2008 |

Magnetic Sponsoring Can Help You Build Lead Momentum

Mike StokesMagnetic Sponsoring isn’t just any marketing lead generator. This formidable system will help you generate more leads and you’ll earn money while doing it – instead of seeing the funds drain from your bank account as you pay for leads that don’t convert.

Magnetic Sponsoring is better in a few essential ways. First, Magnetic Sponsoring is a simple system that’s designed to generate reliable prospects and leads through a funded proposal program. It’s ingenious and it works.

It also offers exactly what you need to get the ball rolling and keep it rolling – basically it offers excellent training and information to turn you into a savvy network marketer. Because of this, it creates its own momentum. Once you get it in place, you have to prepare yourself for an influx of prospects, because they’ll show up in droves.

Starting from the moment a prospect makes a purchase (you’ll have a funded proposal marketing system in place), you have that person on a hook. Now whether they stay or not depends on certain criteria, but because of the Magnetic Sponsoring education and tools you’re going to use, the chances are better that they’ll head to the next level.

Even if they don’t, you’ve earned money already from them. The positive movement that’s created, even if a prospect doesn’t stick around, will create the momentum. You’ll have more on the way, and you’ll have the means to keep more of them.

Mike Stokes
Baton Rouge, LA
(two-two-five) 366-073one

Practicing and Teaching Magnetic Sponsoring Since September 2005

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