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Magnetic Sponsoring Recruiting System

[ 0 ] September 27, 2008 |

Magnetic Sponsoring Recruiting System

WANTED: Just 1 sincere person who REALLY wants to build a home based business that will create real residual income that can produce real TIME and MONEY Freedom.

Are you sick and tired of trying to find just one person that will do something and get off their butt and build a business that will pay them month after month?

Are you sick and tired of spending your valuable time and money and energy chasing deadbeats and trying to encourage couch potatoes?

Instead, why don’t you build a business that will PAY YOU without having to deal with the deadbeats?

In other words…

Make your money before you downline shows up.

You can do just that with the Magnetic Sponsoring marketing system.

How does it work?

Well, the Magnetic Sponsoring book explains it in detail, but here’s a brief overview:

First of all, instead of buying bogus leads every month, and calling uninterested strangers and trying to get them to see the value in your business…

Instead, invest that money into marketing real business solutions to people that are already in business and are already motivated.

Market the Magnetic Sponsoring book and lead generation system to people that are already working and investing in a business.

Then, just give the people that request the free training videos a call and introduce yourself.

No big deal, you’re not trying to sell them anything…

Just introduce yourself, make sure they’re getting the videos, and see if they have any questions.

You can tell them your take on the book and training, and how the system is working for you…

 You’ll make a new friend, and with just a friendly and helpful approach, they will most likely buy the Magnetic Sponsoring book and possibly some of the other products.

 You’ll earn a commission even if your new friend never joins your primary business.

And, what I’ve learned after using this system for over 3 YEARS now, is that most of the people that you talk with WILL join with you when the timing is right.

I make my living with Magnetic Sponsoring and a primary program.

I’ve NEVER called a single person about my business in over NINE YEARS now, and am one of the TOP PRODUCERS in my primary business in just 18 months.

Feel free to give me a call for more information on how to make Magnetic Sponsoring work for YOU.

Mike Stokes
Baton Rouge, LA
(225) 366-0731

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