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Mike Dillard and Magnetic Sponsoring

[ 0 ] October 27, 2008 |

Mike Dillard: His System for Magnetic Sponsoring

The name Mike Dillard is huge in network marketing. It’s impossible to do a search on the Internet about network marketing or MLM without seeing his name everywhere. There’s a reason for this – he’s probably the most successful network marketing trainer today.

And he’s earned his success the hard way – by developing a marketing system that took him from rags to riches in a very short time. His system is called Magnetic Sponsoring and it has helped literally tens of thousands of network marketers find success and build their own businesses.

Mike Dillard’s system for Magnetic Sponsoring is this (in a nutshell): If you already have a business, but are having a hard time finding prospects, you turn the tables by actively offering solutions (in the form of a low price item or service) to your customer’s problems.

When they purchase the solution, they’ve become someone who is already interested in you and your product – a pre-qualified prospect. If you are setting yourself up in MLM, the program shows you how to get started, implement the program and amaze yourself with the outcome.

There’s more to it – the Magnetic Sponsoring system gives network marketers a variety of ways to learn to grow their businesses and increase downline. There are also support resources and tools that promote learning and more growth.

Basically what Mike Dillard has done is to pull together a system that is sensible and that works. It’s based on providing solutions to prospects and gaining their trust. It’s put together in a way that you can use now and begin making money with now.

Once you’re set up, you can choose to grow even more. You may grow without really even trying because Magnetic Sponsoring is the type of system that perpetuates itself, creating its own momentum.

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