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MLM Advertising for Taking Your Business to the Next Level

[ 0 ] May 7, 2010 |

MLM Advertising

The old saying, “If you build it, they will come” is a great line for a movie, but completely untrue in reality. MLM advertising is a necessity if you want your income to grow instead of stagnate.

Coca Cola is one of the most well-known soda distributors in the world. Yet even though they’ve reached worldwide domination, they continue to spend millions on advertising so that they retain that spot in the marketplace.
Advertising your MLM business should be a big part of your daily task list. How can you help your network marketing business succeed with advertising? You’ll want to take a two-pronged approach.

First, you’ll be advertising to the people who need the very product your MLM company is promoting. It could be in the niches of health, travel, success, or many other topics. Ask yourself who needs the product and why. Then create advertisements based on the fulfillment of those needs.

Next, you’ll be advertising to people looking for a way to make money. They might be searching for a legitimate work at home opportunity, or a way to supplement their retirement. Maybe they want to create untold wealth without having to labor hard for a degree.

You’ll want to initiate an MLM advertising campaign based on keywords. You can use Google AdWords to funnel traffic to your site, or any of the other pay per click models available to you.

You can create banners and buttons and pay to have them positioned on websites where your prospects and customers might gather online. If you pay for advertising, then you’ll want to carefully track the return on your investment.

Classified ads are another way a network marketer can tell people about the business, but make sure the ads are placed on sites that will reach the target audience. You can also advertise in newsletters or ezines.

The best form of MLM advertising is to become known as a top marketer by branding yourself. Branding creates a link between you and your customers by forming a solid relationship built on your trustworthiness.

When you stand behind your word, when customers know that you’re honest and they can expect only the best product, the best service from you, not only will they become long term customers, but they’ll lead others to you as well. 

To brand yourself, you’ll have to have an online presence. Your product advertised on your website isn’t sufficient enough to become a brand. You’ll need to do more MLM advertising than simply putting up a website to be effective. Writing viral articles or eBooks are both ways to brand yourself as a marketer.

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