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Characteristics of the Best MLM Entrepreneur

[ 0 ] April 13, 2010 |

The MLM Entrepreneur

There are certain characteristics that successful people have. They use these characteristics throughout their life and meet the objectives they set out to achieve. The best MLM companies all have entrepreneurs with the same characteristics.

They know that their downline needs a compensation plan that pushes them to move forward. Many farmers train their plow animals to move forward by tying a carrot to the end of a long stick. The carrot dangles in front of the animal’s eyes. The animal then works hard, always trying to get that carrot and never able to do it.

If the carrot or compensation plan for your downline is on the horizon but isn’t that great and takes too long to reach, your downline will soon abandon you for your competition’s program.

Your compensation plan has to be one that offers your downline financial success. Good compensation plans are the key to keeping any downline motivated. The first characteristic of the best MLM entrepreneur is one who understands compensation plans and how to use them to keep a downline productive.

Price the product to sell. If the same product can be found at a retail store for a lot less, then the products in the MLM line are going to gather cobwebs. Of course, you can’t price a product to sell if it was already marked up to you beyond a reasonable amount in the first place.

People don’t mind paying more for quality items they’ll use. But they do mind getting taken advantage of. Teach your downline why the product is so valuable to the customer – why they need to buy this product and not shop elsewhere.

Every MLM marketer will run into problems now and again. But the best MLM entrepreneur will show his downline how to overcome those problems. He’ll be available as a mentor.

Build the people while selling the product. Behind every great product is someone who believes in it. Parlay that excitement into the relationships you have with your downline. Spend time motivating and exciting people and they’ll build the business for you.

People with confidence believe they can put out a forest fire with a cup of water while people lacking confidence believe they can’t put out the flame on a match in a cup of water. When the excitement of being in a business venture begins to lag, be there to pump it back up.

The best MLM entrepreneur is one who realizes he’s not the only business opportunity available to the downline. He knows if he doesn’t watch out for his people, they’ll end up as someone else’s downline. People are already looking for ways to make money.

They’re looking for a product they believe in and for the right person, they’ll work hard. It’s up to you to be that person.

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