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MLM Marketing Funnels

[ 0 ] November 17, 2008 |

How the MLM Marketing Funnel Can Work for You

One of the best illustrations of how your marketing efforts should work is the funnel, also known as the MLM marketing funnel. Magnetic Sponsoring will teach you about marketing funnels, so this is just a basic overview.

Every marketing effort you make should point to the wide part of the funnel. You want to bring lots of possible leads to the wide part with something enticing – something free and very useful like a free eBook or training video.

This catches the eyes of people who have already shown a mild interest in what you’re providing. When they ask to receive the free gift, they enter the funnel, and you get their contact information – this is called a targeted lead.

Once they’ve entered the MLM funnel and try out the free gift (which is of high quality, of course), they will associate you with having good information and solutions – they will learn to trust you and they’ll like you.

You’re next move is to help shuttle them further by offering another great product, this time at a low price. Because it’s a great product, they learn to know and trust you even more. Here is where you present them with your business opportunity.

They already think of you as a trusted expert, so you have an automatic in. Magnetic Sponsoring teaches you how to use an MLM funnel for maximum results. As one of the best tools for producing good leads, you should make it part of your MLM toolkit.

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