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Answering the Call in MLM Network Marketing

[ 0 ] April 10, 2010 |

MLM Network Marketing

Magnetic SponsoringDuck hunters know the smart way to bring home the quarry is through imitation. Hence the creation of decoys and duck calls. There are basic duck calls every hunter needs to become proficient at if he wants results.

These calls are used to get the ducks to come in closer. The better the duck hunter is at calling, the more ducks that show up. What lessons can someone in MLM network marketing learn from a duck hunter?

First, that there’s no need to spend a lot of time trying to create what’s already been invented. Marketing has been around for ages and there are no brand new, unheard of ways of conducting business.

There is, however, the art of imitation. You find the best in the business and you imitate their success. You pay attention to their work ethics, the methods they use to find leads and the way they interact with those they want as customers.

You learn to avoid the decoys. What are decoys in MLM network marketing? Decoys are anything that will cause you to veer off from your goal. Any activity or venture that saps your energy is a waste of your time.

Some duck hunters mess up the duck calls. They don’t spend time practicing it before they’re off hunting. They get out in the field, blow the call and when ducks don’t rush them by the hundreds, they blame the product.

“Must be a faulty product. Didn’t give the results I wanted” they’ll say. A duck call is only as good as the hunter using it.

A network marketing product is only as profitable as the knowledge the marketer possesses to use the information they’ve been given. When you know your product inside and out and you begin to promote it, you’ll get better each time you add to your downline.

But the truth is, many people expect to make a call and get a commitment without any effort of learning the ropes. When they get a rejection, they decide to quit, figuring they’re not cut out for the business or that the business is just a scam.

That’s not the way it works. Not every prospective client hears you the first time you call. You have to stay in the field. You have to keep calling because the people will come.

Stick it out, imitate those who have proven what MLM network marketing success is all about and if you do, you’ll learn how to master the call to your own customers as well.

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