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MLM Scams and Truths

[ 0 ] May 12, 2010 |

MLM Scams

Working from home in the MLM industry is appealing on a variety of levels. There’s no hour-long commute, no sitting in traffic, no rushing in and out of inclement weather early in the morning or late in the evenings. There is no boss to answer to, no disagreeable coworkers to have to work with and no more stress filled environment working to make someone else rich.

Many people looking for a change of pace opt to go into multi level marketing, but don’t want to get caught up in an MLM scam. The word scam comes up often because someone may have grouped multi level marketing in the same category as other businesses that are not legitimate, such as pyramid schemes.

The way to tell the difference between a legitimate opportunity in the marketing sector versus one that’s not is to ask if a large sum of money has to be put up where you get nothing in return.

Paying large sums of cash to become part of an organization in hopes of receiving large sums of cash back is a shady business and should be avoided. An MLM scam is one that will cost and not give in return.

Commonly called a pyramid scheme, they are mistakenly renamed as multi level marketing. In its truest form, multi level marketing is about selling products, not about taking chances on earning high dollars on a big monetary investment. The truth is that any business run by people with the character of a slug can become a scam.

If MLM businesses are a good opportunity, then why do some people say they aren’t? Because in any industry, there will be the good and the bad. Not only have pyramid schemes worked to give multi level marketing a bad name, but so have unscrupulous marketers themselves. Marketers who only see the next dollar, who push and push people about the business even if they’re not interested don’t give it a good name.

The most successful marketers are the one who understand, believe in and promote their product rather than the ones who have the philosophy of profit at any cost. There will be a cost – they’ll lose their downline eventually and wonder what happened.

Telemarketing isn’t bad, but the annoying, repeated calls with the high pressure salespeople slap the same label on all telemarketers. Selling in marketing is linked in some people’s minds with telemarketing. There’s an automatic assumption that takes place, even if it’s incorrect.

An MLM scam isn’t something anyone should get involved with. The truth is that a successful MLM business is one that’s run by people who are honest about their product and intent on selling it. They’re not out there to take your money and give nothing back. They’re there to help you make money, too.

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