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MLM Success with Twitter

[ 1 ] June 15, 2009 |

MLM and Twitter

If you’re focusing on an MLM business, you probably already know that building relationships and lists of people are both essential for your business to succeed. Most of us already even know about social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace and Twitter. But did you know that Twitter could be an essential tool in the world of network marketing?

Although Twitter is still really new to social networking, it’s actually a great tool that can help you keep in contact with customers and lets you meet new prospects, associates and friends.

Twitter even lets you ‘micro-blog’. Micro-blogging allows users to post tiny blurbs that are no more than 140 characters long, so you can keep things very short! Those short posts are known as “tweets.” And while “tweets” might not seem like a big deal, they can make you very successful if used correctly.

When you have an MLM business, tweets are an effective way to post a message, which could be read by literally thousands of people. Tweets can be used to create excitement and curiosity. You can use them to announce the publication of your articles and even link to them using Twitter.

Tweeting allows you to brand yourself and your product while creating a feeling of trust. Your followers will start to think of you as someone who knows something and wants to provide value. You can also create a buzz about a brand new opportunity or product with a tweet too.

Twitter also allows you to follow other MLM creative minds just like you. When you follow them, you’re giving them the chance to follow you as well, which leaves you open for some great advice and ideas. When they follow you, you’re allowing yourself to be exposed to their twittering friends, which can be a great way to recruit people for your business.

You can also set up twitter on your blog and other social networking sites to gain even more exposure for you and your business. That means every time you tweet, your tweet will appear on your website and social networks. You can also publish posts on your social blogs and website and have it posted automatically to your Twitter profile.

If you do decide to use Twitter as an MLM tool, you need to remember to add some personal daily tweets and you need to respond to other tweeters, unless you want to be banned or blocked.

Let your followers in on your personal life and let them know that you’re interested in what they have to say too. Otherwise Twitter is not going to work for you. But if you choose to use Twitter wisely, it can be a very successful tool in network marketing and your MLM business.

Twitter is key tool in the MLM Traffic Formula 2 strategies.

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  1. Hey Mike, just found your magnetic sponsoring and there are several things that have really spurred my interest. I am new to twitter therefore, I am very interested in everything you have to teach about using that tool for my business. People like you are essential for newcomers like me. There is so much information online that gets you all excited and then when you get through the information they are selling there is nothing there that works. Keep the info coming, great post.

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