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MLM Tips for Building Your Business

[ 0 ] May 13, 2010 |

MLM Tips

There’s an old saying that goes like this: Do you know the difference between a pit bull and a Yorkie? You will if they bite you. Both will get someone’s attention, but in ways that won’t be appreciated. Marketers who are aggressive and pushy drive people away, but so do marketers that bounce around nipping for attention. If you want steady growth for your business, then follow these MLM tips for success.

MLM tip #1: As a marketer, you must appeal to two sets of people – the potential customer and a recruit for the downline. Contrary to the advice you might read, they are not always the same. Sometimes, you’ll have people join your downline who were never a customer but they joined your team because they wanted to make money.

MLM Tip #2: Make a personal connection to both your customers and your prospects. With all of the nameless, faceless websites selling stuff online, you have to go the extra mile to foster trust and loyalty in business.

MLM Tip #3: Give people hope. They’re tired of empty promises, of people who talk and talk but don’t really say anything worthwhile. The offers to change their lives, make a great income and get to spend more time with their family isn’t anything new.

They’ve heard it all before. Be prepared to show them how it can be done. Be willing to take them from beginning to end. If they’re part of your downline, never push the product as some type of miracle that solves all of their problems.

You should know how the product and offer could affect them in a positive way, but never offer false hope. Stretching the truth for a profit always backfires. If you don’t know the answer to one of their questions, tell them you don’t know but that you’ll find the answer and get back to them.

MLM Tip #4: Don’t wear a mask. Be yourself. Don’t put on one face when you’re presenting your product or recruiting and another when you’re not. Faking screen shots of proof of income or using phony images from a stock photography site to showcase your riches can haunt you later on, not to mention the fact that it’s unethical.

There are thousands of MLM tips that can help you become the leader in marketing you were meant to be. You may take the advice of some and leave others that don’t match your style of marketing, but seek out what works and apply it to your own business and watch your income take root.

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