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MLM Traffic Formula 2.0

[ 0 ] May 28, 2009 |

MLM Traffic Formula 2.0

I remember when I was thinking about buying Traffic Formula One 2 or 3 years ago. The price was $500 and that was a lot of money to me at that time. It was really a stretch of faith to place that order, but am I ever glad I did!

Up until that point, I was totally convinced that I could NEVER learn how to market on the Internet. I had spent all of my extra money on courses and information products, and still just could not “get it.” I figured I was just technologically challenged and was not capable of learned the ins and outs of online stuff.

To be honest, I didn’t even really believe that the MLM Traffic Formula (the first one) course was gonna be any different. The main reason that I bought it was because I was making a lot of money selling the course as a Magnetic Sponsoring affiliate. (I did understand the principles of Magnetic Sponsoring, also know as attraction marketing, and was making some money from what I had learned there.)

Anyway, I bought the MLM Traffic Formula course, and put in one of the CDs when I was driving to a friends house that lived a little ways out of town. The very first CD blew my mind! I said, “WOW! I can do this.”

I couldn’t wait to get home to try a simple technique that even a “technologically challenged” guy like myself could do. And guess what? I did it, and it worked!

I had an article (actually a free press release) on page one of Google for my keyword, and I started getting traffic, and hits, and sales!

Anyway, just a few of the many techniques that I learned from that first Traffic Formula course have made me a LOT of money over the past 2-3 years. I would have had to have gotten a J-O-B if I had not bought that course!

And get this, Mike Dillard has a FREE 38-minute DVD that you can access immediately (and did I mention it was FREE?), that outlines the strategic plan behind the MLM Traffic Formula that he created in 2006 that has made him a multi-millionaire.

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