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MLM Training Tips for a Successful Downline

[ 0 ] January 24, 2012 |

MLM training has been sorely lacking in the past – new prospects left to flounder on their own until they eventually quit out of frustration. What does it take to develop a successful multi level marketing business?

If you’re going to build a downline, then you need to know how to nurture it, not just plant the seeds of growth. That means you needs to have a plan in place for constant and thorough MLM training for everyone who signs up under you – regardless of their level of experience.

Here are three areas that you need to train your downline on:

1.) The Product – It’s surprising how many people in the multi level marketing industry look at the profit potential alone and never bother to learn whether or not the actual product they’re selling (the retail portion of the business) is worth touting to the public.

Whether you’re promoting a healthcare product, the travel industry, or a make money online opportunity, make sure your downline knows everything there is to know about it before you unleash them to the marketplace.

2.) Viral Marketing – In order for them to build a substantial downline, which should help your own profits beef up, you want them to understand how they can use the Internet communities paired with free value-based content to garner interest in the offer.

Teach them how to make a PDF file and how to place hyperlinks in it – the technical prowess they’ll need to accomplish this task. Also teach them how to create a viral message in other forms of media like videos or podcasts, and show them great examples of selling balanced nicely with informing – the combination that best results in a high conversion rate.

3.) Traffic Tips – Basic search engine optimization and traffic tutorials are sorely needed with MLM training. Teach your downline how to use free and paid sources of traffic – from web 2.0 communities to pay per click search engines such as Google AdWords.

MLM training is an on-going mission for you to engage in. Don’t send out one massive PDF tutorial to your downline. Train them over time. It can be too overwhelming to get a lump sum education.

Create an autoresponder tutorial or a blog they subscribe to and drip-feed them their lessons so that you make good students who take action on a regular basis.

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