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What Is the Multi Level Marketing Model?

[ 0 ] June 5, 2010 |

Multi Level Marketing Model

A multi level marketing model is a process or plan for running a marketing business. Some models work better than others, but all marketers need to have a model in which they structure their company. Without structure, collapse is inevitable.

Different companies will use different models. There isn’t any one that’s better than the others – it’s what works for each company. There’s no need to invent a brand new way if the old way is working and bringing in profit.

Multi level marketing in itself is a business model. It’s based on distribution to both fellow marketers in the same MLM niche as well as the customer looking to buy the product alone. This model is a type that rewards participants financially because it offers a way to earn residual income.

What are some of the important aspects that need to be present in any multi level marketing model? There should be a way to create leads. Leads keep a business fresh and keep the residual income going. Without leads, whether generated by yourself, others or purchased, the residual income will drop off.

A successful business model should also promote the fostering of solid relationships with leads even after they become part of the downline. Any business model that believes in bringing in new recruits and then abandoning them after the recruit’s wallet has been emptied is a scam. Multi level marketing companies understand the power of building relationships as you build the business and see the people clearly instead of through dollar signs.

A multi level marketing model should also know how to train the new distributors on how to reach their maximum level of success and then train them on how to train others to do the same. Brining in a new lead, making them part of a downline and not watching over them to ensure their success is pulling money from your own bank account.

Teaching how to prospect is one of the key factors in any business model and if it’s not part of it, then it should be. It doesn’t have to be some phony script that a thousand other people have memorized.

Teaching how to prospect should take into consideration such things as how to respond to questions, how to understand their rejection, what the prospect is really saying underneath the word no.

A script sounds just like it is – rehearsed. Don’t even bother with it. Instead of memorizing a few paragraphs, learn how marketing works in the simplest form, which is giving people what they want. A multi level marketing model isn’t some grand plan with a ton of bells and whistles that can confuse even the most brilliant scholars – it’s the development of plan with a goal in mind.

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