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Network Marketing Offers a Clear System to Follow

[ 0 ] October 29, 2009 |

How do we really determine the difference between what a successful business means and what a failure is?

Since the dawn of time, people have been making money and with that money often comes those businesses that have had great success and those that have had failure. And while there are many differences between successes and failures, most businesses succeed because they create what’s called a “formula” which works time after time all over the world.

Take the famous fast food franchise McDonald’s for instance. The famous American franchise started out years ago selling burgers, fries and milkshakes and now is one of the strongest businesses in the world. And with that success came the creation of a system, also known as a “formula.”

Every McDonald’s restaurant is as we’ve said, a franchise and that means the owner of each restaurant paid the corporate office of McDonald’s for the rights to run that restaurant. The owner of each restaurant is with given a giant golden M to hang above the door, and a system, which must be followed by every one of McDonald’s restaurants.

The system which is plug and play, includes everything needed to run the business –from how many the floors need to be swept per a day to how many seconds the fries should be cooked. The system even goes as far as telling the owner how many pieces of tomato are to be placed on every hamburger.

It may seem a bit crazy and a little too much, but in reality this plan works and it’s why McDonald’s can easily hire inexperienced teenagers to work at the restaurant. They follow the “formula” and it works!

So you see, systems are powerful. Systems make simple actions and combinations of actions into a very profitable venture. And if you’re thinking about starting your own business, then you should definitely know that a solid working system is a must at the top of your to-do list.

It’s said that pretty much 90% of businesses will fail at some point in their 5-year start while the other 10% will have a system that will allow them to become truly successful. Most businesses tend to fail because they just didn’t work or they didn’t follow a good enough system.

Network Marketing is a system that allows businesses to use a plan, which in return allows them to achieve success. It’s one of the main reasons people choose Network Marketing as their method of business.

When most people choose to start a home business, they do it for various reasons. Some will keep their regular job until their home business become successful while others choose to work their home business full time simply because they don’t have another job to go to. No matter what the reason may be however, Network Marketing is the business of choice for many people simply because there are established systems that can be followed. And those systems work well no matter who uses them.

And really there has never been a better time than right now to start a business. And there is no better way to do so than with Network Marketing. When you find a system that works and you reap the rewards from that system, you’ve found Network Marketing.

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