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Get Your Business Added to a Network Marketing Directory

[ 1 ] April 28, 2010 |

Network Marketing Directory

A network marketing directory provides a list of companies with multi level marketing business opportunities. The way they work is to keep an extensive list of businesses that are online in the MLM industry.

They keep up with who is offering what type of product and information about the people behind the business. Directories can be a help to you as you work to get your business in front of your audience.

These directories are what will pop up in a search engine when a prospect begins to search for particular keywords that have to do with starting a business from home. For example, if John Doe decides he wants to make money at home, he might type in ‘earn money at home’ or ‘home based business.’

When he does that, the network marketing directory could pop up with hundreds of businesses listed. By putting your company into the directory, it’s advertising for you even when you’re not actively working.

This is a great way to generate leads from people you didn’t even know were searching. These people make wonderful prospects because they’re looking for you instead of the other way around.

When they visit the network marketing directory, they look over the companies listed. If they decide that your company is the one they want to hear more about, they’ll fill out a form saying they’d like to know more and if you’re a member of the directory, then you’re handed the lead to follow through on.

The reason that people like using directories is because they house a lot of information compiled in one area. Many of the directories will also offer a sample of your product to be showcased on the site and some leads can choose to get a sample of the product.

Joining a network marketing directory might cost some money, but it’ll be the best dollars you’ll spend. Your company will be listed among some of the million dollar money making network marketing companies out there and the saying ‘you’re known by the company you keep’ can affect your business reputation in a positive way.

Since the directories do vary in what they offer, go through the sites and find the ones that will offer you the best tools for you investment. Some of them offer more in the way of business tools, some offer more in the way of a website that’s more appealing and customer friendly. You want prospects to be able to navigate the page easily enough to find you.

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  1. Great article for SEO. You provide such good insight for online marketers. Thanks

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