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The Truth About Network Marketing Lead Generation

[ 0 ] June 2, 2010 |

Network Marketing Lead Generation

If you’re in the business of marketing anything, you’ve probably heard about the importance of network marketing lead generation. It’s also called prospecting by some in the business. Lead brokers are running thriving businesses, and you can choose to go that route or create warm leads on your own.

If you fail to generate enough leads or don’t generate the right kind of leads, the business will go belly up. Whatever else you do when you become a marketer, never underestimate the power in finding leads.

Do network marketing lead generation systems really work? Yes, some of them are created by reputable companies and do work. In every business though, you’ll always find people who put money before integrity. Those people will push products that can’t live up to the hype.

Ever wonder why you receive phone calls from telemarketers who are offering you the same product or service as the previous fifteen calls you got? That’s because your phone number was a lead that was purchased by a company and resold to telemarketing companies. Then it was sold again and again.

When this happens in network marketing, it’s usually because of lead generation systems that operated on a ‘one size fits all’ philosophy. These types of leads are of no use whatsoever to you.

Good leads aren’t tire kickers. You can waste a lot of time on prospects who show up to a webinar, listen to you talk about what the product can do to change their life, ask a ton of questions, come back the next time, do the same thing and never commit to anything.

Every marketer encounters these kinds of prospects. The crucial step in lead generation that works is to get leads that are already warm and are correctly aimed at a target audience.

There are some good lead generation companies who put out solid products to help your business grow, but there’s one secret weapon in network marketing lead generation. The person who is the absolute best in network marketing lead generation is you.

No one cares as much about your business as you do and no one will work as hard to get the necessary leads. Software and tools and third party companies can give you a head start, but having the drive and determination to succeed will outweigh them all.

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