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Become a Network Marketing Success

[ 0 ] April 11, 2010 |

Network Marketing Success

Magnetic SponsoringAre you a network marketer without any network marketing success under your belt? Is success as elusive for you as a Bigfoot sighting? You’ve heard others talk about it, but can’t seem to get close enough to see it – much less experience it. Don’t lose hope. Success can be obtained by following a few easy directions.

How do you feel about success?  Do you think it will never happen for you? If that’s the way you think, then you’re probably right. Having a negative attitude defeats you before you even try.

A negative attitude is known to cause self-defeat, and the only way to get over it is to change your attitude. If all you see is why you can’t succeed or why you haven’t succeeded, then you can’t move past it. Don’t be you own worst critic.

Successful men and women in any job didn’t get there because they showed up for work one day, then took the next two or three off.  The successful people knew that consistency was the way to get what they wanted out of life.

Marketing demands consistency if you want to network and find success. Commit time to your business every single day, even if all you can find is an hour or two. Make sure that hour or two belongs to your company and work it like you mean business.

Keep it personal. A marketing business needs relationships. You have to keep in touch with both your upline and your downline and you can’t do that if you aren’t committed. Without relationship building, you don’t have a business in this industry.

Have the right focus.  If you believe that this is ‘my business and these are my goals to make money’ then your focus is wrong. Talk to your team. Talk to perspective clients. What’s going on their life? What do they need for you to do?

That’s where your focus should be. When you sign on a new prospect, don’t become a magician and pull a disappearing act. If you do that, the person will feel used and how hard do you think they’ll work to help you build your business?

It’s not how you see yourself that determines whether you’re a network marketing success, but how others view you. If you have a great product, but you step on people to build the business, then you’ll run out of people to build your team and support the business. In marketing, putting others first offers the biggest payoff.

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