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Network Marketing Tools You Need to Succeed

[ 0 ] May 17, 2010 |

Network Marketing Tools

In the past, wells were dug by hand. It was tedious, backbreaking work with the constant risk of having the walls cave in. Then someone came along and invented much needed tools that made digging a well easier and faster. Marketing is like digging a well. You have to be prepared to keep going until you find water – which, in the case of network marketing, is the prospects that need your product.

With the right network marketing tools, you can build your cash well in no time. These tools offer you a lot for a little and can make your marketing venture easier to handle. One of the tools used by network marketers is a system that offers double opt in leads.

A double opt in lead is when someone fills in their contact information on your website and an automated system contacts them asking them to reiterate they did actually sign up to know about the product. The person contacted must take action by clicking on a link confirming their interest.

Double opt in leads usually separate the tire kicking prospects from the ‘I am definitely interested’ leads, cutting back on the valuable time you could waste pursuing those who aren’t truly interested in what you’re offering.

Network marketing tools can also keep the clutter out of your inbox. When you use software that keeps out the spam, it cuts down on sifting through an overload of messages.

How do you get your email to your prospects and keep those messages from accidentally ending up with a spam label? Let them to know that they need to whitelist your email address to get by their server’s spam filters.

Another tool you need to have is software that checks for broken links. If you only have one website, you might catch a broken link on your own, but what happens when you have numerous sites? A broken link could mean losing hundreds of customers and that’s a headache you don’t want to have.

You can find some network marketing tools available for free, but be choosy about which ones you download. Remember – you get what you pay for, and sometimes free means the tool doesn’t work well. In marketing, you don’t want tools that will fail when it comes to crunch time. Some tools will even help you with a strategy to promote your business.

There are also systems available for purchase that will show you how to drive more traffic to your website and tell you how to keep that traffic around once they arrive. Of course, you can take the time to build your business without purchasing any of the network marketing tools available to you, but that’s like digging a well by hand while the competition is already drinking the water.

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