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Residual Income – Do You Need to Win the Lottery to Get Wealthy?

[ 0 ] October 29, 2009 |

Residual Income

Here’s a great question for you. What do all of the following have in common?

• Winning the lottery
• Earning thousands upon thousands of dollars through your career
• Inheriting a fortune from a family member
• Recording a song that’s a hit
• Writing a novel that’s a bestseller
• Creating residual income using network marketing

Of course it’s quite obvious that there are some similarities between all of them, however the one that makes them all a big part of the plan is the ongoing income. You can use all of the above ways to create financial stability and have the lifestyle you want and have always dreamed of, however not all of them are a sure way to do so.

Let’s take winning the lottery as an example. You’d make more money with your network marketing business before you’d win the lottery. It’s the same thing with a family inheritance. And unless you’re a writer who knows how to win editors and agencies over in a heartbeat, those chances are slim too. Yet creating a residual income using network marketing can happen and it really isn’t all that difficult to do either.

In case you don’t already know, residual money is income received month after month for work you’ve previously done. It’s like money you continue to get from a sale that you don’t have to do anymore work for. It’s very much like getting a royalty check.

Network Marketing is a very simple way to change your financial outlook for a better life and better future.

Think about this: If you wanted to make millions of dollars it would take years to do so. You would have to work almost everyday and maybe even put in a lot of overtime all while saving almost every penny you make.

And maybe someday you could do just that and make those millions of dollars. And what’s really exciting is that you could actually live off of just a small part of the fortune. So what could be simpler than that, right?

Well, think about this:  In order to create that small part of the fortune just by using Network Marketing, you could possibly end up working part time for about 3 years. So it’s very obvious why so many of us have chosen Network Marketing as our wealth creation strategy, don’t you think?

So when you’re building a solid Network Marketing business and you take a little bit of time and energy to move it along, you’re creating a strategy to making extra money without having to win the lottery.
Then, you’re taking that money and investing it in a sense and what’s left over you’re living off of. However, the big difference is you aren’t investing millions of dollars. All you are doing is investing your time.

So with residual income you’re actually creating freedom and allowing yourself to find the right path that works for you in business, energy and time. And it’s certainly the best kind of income you’ll ever earn.

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