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Why Selling Products or Services Is Not Enough

[ 0 ] May 7, 2009 |

mike stokesIf you own a business, you’ve probably seen the recent decrease in sales due to the state of the economy. And it isn’t just the big dogs that are getting hurt by the decline; online businesses are being affected as well.

But, it isn’t just the economic crisis that is causing business to be less than desired. Consumers are tired of pushy sales people. While most people may be interested in a product or service, they don’t want a sales rep hounding them for a sale. And the more they’re pushed around the less of a chance of getting that sale. So what’s a business to do?

1. Fire your sales rep. You’re trying to gain customers, not lose them. And if you’re doing your own selling, why waste your time cold calling disinterested strangers? And why spend hours a day for one sale when you could be spending it doing the things you truly love.

2. Target your business to the right customers. You need to focus on getting your products or services to the right person. If you’re trying to sell baking pans to a mechanic, you’re probably not going to get very far. But, if you offer that same set of baking pans to a cook, you have a better chance of making a sale.

3. Take advantage of online marketing tools. If you want to get ahead with your business, you have to be willing to use the tools available for marketing online. Using social networks, affiliate marketing, pay per click and email newsletters are all great ways to gain customers and even business partners.

4. Make Your Business Unique. Instead of following the same path everyone else is taking, give your business a unique twist. If you’re offering the same thing that your competitor is offering what makes you different?

5. Attract Customers With Magnetic Sponsoring.  If you want to achieve success without sacrificing a lot of time, you need this tool. Magnetic Sponsoring can show you how to get leads by becoming the hunted rather than the hunter.

If you want sales, you need the customers to come to you. Chasing down “prospects” just isn’t the way to go any more.

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