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Magnetic Sponsoring Funded Proposals

[ 0 ] November 26, 2008

Magnetic Sponsoring Funded Proposals

One of the most daunting issues that Internet marketers face is keeping a steady flow of cash coming in while they are trying to build their business. Once your business is thriving there is naturally a more steady flow to keep the momentum going and even then, a steady flow of cash is vital to your business’ ongoing survival. So, just how is this cash flow accomplished?

With the Magnetic Sponsoring system, the cash flow comes from funded proposals.

Funded proposals work extremely well, because they are simple. There’s nothing fancy, no jumping through hoops for you or your prospects.

Just a simple plan to bring in the cash. The way the Magnetic Sponsoring funded proposal is set up, you can begin bringing money in early on, even on the prospects that choose not to join your downline!

When a prospect makes a small purchase during their “tire kicking phase” maybe by buying a sample product or an inexpensive book, you make money on that, whether he or she goes further and joins your downline.

Now, this does a few other things besides bringing in a steady stream of money for you to build and sustain your business with.

It gives you the prospect’s information and it pre-qualifies them for joining your business opportunity. It also will bring them back for more product purchases if they like what they see from you the first time (more cash flow).

You can see that this kind of marketing system is very effective in creating a cash flow. Magnetic Sponsoring can help you set up your own funded proposal system and teach you more about being a highly successful Internet marketer.

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