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6 Techniques You Can Use To Triple Your AdSense Earnings

[ 1 ] June 23, 2011

AdSense Earnings

I know many online marketers who use Google AdSense to create a cash flow through their webpages. As a matter of fact, it’s just one of the many tools Mike Dillard talks about in his Magnetic Sponsoring book.

However, some marketers haven’t seen as much of a profit as they’d like to from their Adsense earnings, but that doesn’t mean you should give up on this popular money maker. Instead, why not increase your profits with these 6 techniques.

1. Add the Tool to Your Popular Websites

Even if your website is already making tons of money from sponsored ads and Magnetic Sponsoring affiliate marketing, there’s no sense in not using Adsense on it. If they’re strategically placed, you could see a nice increase in your earnings and most of your customers won’t even mind the new ads.

2. Add the Tool to Your Smaller Websites

If you have more than one website for your business, or you’re just starting out, there’s no reason why you can’t place Adsense units on your pages even if the traffic isn’t extreme. And if you have several websites, keep in mind that even with very little traffic, they all add up, especially when you place the units in an aggressive manner.

3. Use Larger Ad Units

If you really want to make some money with Adsense, you have to be willing to use a larger ad unit verses a smaller one. And if you can get away with it, go for the leaderboard. Using smaller units even when placed aggressively can result in very little profits.

4. Place the Units at the Top of Your Page

The best area to place your Adsense units is at the top of your Magnetic Sponsoring or business page, or right after the title of your article. Placing your ads at the bottom of the page, might get a few clicks, but you’ll make more at the top.

5. Search Using Adsense

Most of your customers are willing to use a search to find a product or service on your site or elsewhere, so why not use Adsense as a portal for searching. Yes, they may choose to search for a different product that isn’t yours, but at least you’ve made some money from them!

6. Use Adsense for Feeds

If you haven’t tried the Adsense for Feeds tool, you should. Especially if you have a large RSS subscriber base. Just be sure to place them at the top of your page just as you would the larger Adsense Units.